Thulium - "The Moon Needs Pimps, Too!!"
Independent release

This was a good CD. Though it probably should be considered an EP, with "bonus tracks," as it only offers four songs. It's not quite as involving or genre-spanning as Thulium's first, self-titled effort, but strong nonetheless. The Moon Needs Pimps, Too!! is a bit more pigeonholed in terms of musical style - it's just straight-up, emotional rock and roll.

The "bonus" part of this disc would be snippets taken from Thulium's appearance on the Lazer's Local Music Show back in September. I'm not quite sure if it works or not. It's interesting listening - at least the first couple of times through - and it certainly is unique. It's also a good way for people to hear the band as people. It's a trifle silly, though, especially when you compare it to the seriousness of the accompanying four songs - and the fact that the interview tracks outnumber the songs. Then again, what would one expect from a band that takes its name from the 69th element on the Periodic Table? I certainly didn't see this album coming... and one can only wonder what they'll do with their next offering.

The songs on this album pretty much all deal with relationships - and I'm beginning to wonder if that's all Thulium has to offer. Don't get me wrong - lots of bands have made careers out of songs about girls, (ie - the Descendents) but I'd be interested in seeing if Thulium has the songwriting chops to put the emotion and soulfulness I hear in these songs behind some other issues.

The singing on this disc is phenomenal. The dual vocals of Drew and Matt are quite engaging, and give Thulium's sound a greater depth. The guitars still have that stop-on-a-dime sound change, which I enjoy quite a bit, and Jeff's drumming works well, because of the way it emphasizes the rest of the band, without overpowering them.

I enjoyed The Moon Needs Pimps, Too!!, and recommend it to anyone looking for a quick taste of Thulium.