Sunshine Vandals - "Don't You Do Too?"
Swinedotte Records

The Sunshine Vandals, as you may have guessed by their moniker, are punk.

However, the band actually sounds a bit more like NOFX. This is a tight little three-piece punk outfit from KC. Upon listening, if I hadn’t seen the picture inside, I never would have guessed that this was a band made up of high-schoolers.

I really wish that this had been a full-length, rather than an EP. Had there been more meat to this disc, it would easily spend much more time in my CD player - but as a 4 song EP, it shines bright, but simply burns out too quickly.

This is nice, straightforward punk, with nothing weird thrown in. The drums propel the songs at a hectic speed, and the vocals are clear and strong. All in all, very enjoyable, and hopefully, and indicator of even greater things to come.