Punchline - "Self-titled"
Independent Release

KC garagecore, baby – Punchline is just about the best damn hardcore outfit in the KC area. Despite the fact that I’m sure they’re tired of hearing this, they do have a definite similarity to Rollins Band. No, it has nothing to do with their lead singer bearing a striking resemblance to Henry Rollins. They have the same style, especially when it comes to vox and guitars.

But they do show everyone how to "do this shit Kansas style." And it seems that Kansas style is dirty. I mean dirty in the vulgar sense... not that the CD doesn’t have a raw feel. It’s the fact that "Just Like Heaven" could be considered sex music for the Metallica crowd.

The standout track on the album has to be the remix of "Operator" that starts it off. This perfectly captures the essence of Punchline, and does the closest to bringing their live show justice. With screaming vocals and crunching, metal-as-fuck guitar riffs, this track just yells for a crowd full of floor-punching madmen.

Unfortunately, while Punchline sounds great live, the full force of their live performance can’t be captured on CD. The riffs that sound great coming through a PA lose a little on a stereo. It also translates into a formula from which Punchline really doesn’t deviate. They do hardcore extremely well, but without some tempo change-ups, and maybe a few new chords, this CD is really only for fans who want to take a momento of the live sound home with them.