Pomeroy -  "Inside the Shine"
Independant release

Wow. This is something quite different, and to be quite honest, something I never really expected to see coming out of Manhattan. A melding of rock, funk and hip-hop in equal measures, Inside the Shine delivers one hell of a dance party in a nice little 54-minute package.

Yes, this disc is a definite must if you’re planning on throwing a party. The songs have a nice variation of tempos and sounds to them that provide for a listening experience that’s certainly not boring, yet doesn’t jar you with random crazy changes of tempo.

The disc’s first track, "Let Me Turn the Mic On," is just bursting with energy and makes you want get the hell off your ass and jump with the band. The album smoothly goes from that to the far more laid-back grooves of “My Paradise,” which nicely keeps up the energy with it’s occasional burst from the bass.

“Bodies in Tune”... how best to describe this song without being filthy? Um, let us just say that this is definitely a song for freakin'. It's a great sex song. In fact, this disc features a nice array of tunes by which one can get their groove on with that special someone... or that hotty you met at the show. “Summernight” qualifies in that category, especially.

This is not to say that Inside the Shine is all about sexin' it up. There are also some wonderfully hip-hoppin' songs, such as the aforementioned first track, and the absolute blow-up off the disc, “Roboflow.”

“Roboflow” takes a fairly simple guitar riff, kicks it up with a cool distortion effect, hard-hitting drums, and rapid-fire vocals (showcasing the great vocal interplay between Matt and David) and proceeds to take the listener by the ears and shake their ass for five minutes... but in that good way.

This is a damn fine piece of music, and Pomeroy’s live show takes the disc and cranks it up to 11. This is a band that is well worth checking out on CD, then hitting their show to be truly blown away.