Nowhere Fast - "Hindsight" 7-inch
Thirteen Records

It’s interesting- the last time I saw Nowhere Fast, they were a poppy punk band very much in the vein of MxPx. Now, it seems that they’ve matured an amazing amount, and changed their sound to something that is much more powerful.

Nowhere Fast is still quite melodic, but much heavier, with a sound that is very much rooted in the post-hardcore sounds of such bands as Fugazi. It’s an intricate sound that while giving you something to bang your head to, the tunes are still rather catchy.

The vocals are gruff, but there’s still singing there, rather than simply shouting and screaming. The guitars are what really drive this record, with stop and start melodies that could easily move a mosh pit.

Both songs on this seven inch are worth the purchase price, and it’s always nice to have something on vinyl. I definately like the band’s new direction, and look forward to more out of these guys from Wichita.