Martyr AD - "On Earth As It Is In Hell"
Victory Records

Dammit, Victory. Sign some more bands like Madcap and get off the kick you've been on for the past four or five years. Seriously, while Victory has had some successes (Snapcase, Hatebreed, Catch 22, Atreyu), the vast majority of their roster over the years has sounded disturbingly non-descript.

For a label that has been known as recent home to bands like Thursday and Count the Stars, you'd think that they'd want to make the move of getting more quality acts. Sadly, they seem to be hitting a severe slump and signing bands that are heavy, simply to get away from the "laid back/emo" tag they've been getting slapped with.

I'd like to offer some kind words about Martyr AD, but I'd never thought that such a heavy record such as On Earth As It Is In Hell could bore me so much. Every song is full of pounding at the double-kick drums, chugging guitars, and a breakdown of some sort. It's like the group set out a formula as to what they wanted the record to sound like, and didn't want to deviate a bit.

Save this one for buying used if you want to pick up every metalcore release that comes out, but don't waste your hard-earned cash on this one new. It offers nothing that countless acts haven't done before.