Mailorder Midgets - "Self-titled ep"

I'm all for novel approaches to music, but the Mailorder Midgets Self-titled ep sounds like someone watched Adult Swim for 24 hours straight, then decided to take MC Chris' vocals and layer them on top of the Postal Service. Either that or the fact that one man and a Casio worked so well for the Bloodhound Gang in "A Lapdance Is Always Better When the Stripper Is Crying" just spoke to someone.

Not to be a complete and utter music fascist, but while I might be able to appreciate a lot of music under "it's good if you like that sort of thing", this album isn't even something like that. It's not that it's god-awful, it's just that the Mailorder Midgets are so far left-field that I can't even begin to think who might be into this.

The cd might work wonders in a cheesy way, as it almost functions as a parody of itself. Still, I am just at a complete and utter loss as to why anyone would listen to the Self-titled ep and then want to hand over hard-earned money for it.