Lushbox - "Despues de la Operacion Sere Una Niña"
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This is a very good little pop-rock EP. Rather than stick with the traditional local pop-rock sounds that other current artists such as Ultimate Fakebook or Exit 159 utilize, Lushbox has instead opted for a sound that is closer to that of the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. The guitars fuzz and distort occasionally, as on the opening track, “La Sala de los Partos.” With this very radio-friendly track, Despues de la Operacion Sere Una Niña starts out as a very mild and relaxing album.

However, as the album goes on through its 5 songs, the songs begin to build and ebb. “Judo Chop” is a 30-second burst of energy, then the album returns to the quiet, reflective “Thin Walls” - a song about Brianne’s life in Lawrence.

The premier song on Despues de la Operacion Sere Una Niña is “Coffee.” Simply put, this is a song about the everyday trials of paying the rent and going to work. The song hits quickly and is then gone. However, the lyrics speak to anyone who is young and trying to pull cash together, with no free time to relax. Very quick and frantic, it perfectly captures the essence of living via caffeinated fuel.

This CD is a perfect representation of why Lushbox captured the Best New Band award at the 1999 Klammy Awards. With its beautiful vocals and fuzzing guitars, strung along by tight drum and bass lines, Despues de la Operacion Sere Una Niña is a very worthwhile purchase.