Kosher - "Self Control"
BYO Records

Once again, Warrensburg’s own Kosher has put out an excellent punk rock album.

This release, their first full-length since The CD, takes a mixture of new songs and re-records some old favorites to make an excellent album.

Self Control starts off with the excellent "Holiday," whose scratching on the guitar strings intro makes for a head-bobbing bit of excitement. "Hypocrite Catastrophe" is my personal favorite song on the album, a spit in the face of every two-bit liar to ever cross your path.

"Top of the World" is unrelated to the Danger Bob tune of the same name, and may in fact be its complete and utter antithesis. Whereas the Danger Bob track was a very upbeat, happy, optimistic tune, Kosher’s song is much more dark and foreboding, dealing with loss and pills.

On this release, Kosher have cranked up the recording ten times from their Death To Drama EP, and the re-recording of four of their older songs helps them out immensely. Remi and Trent’s vocals come through much more clearly, and the bass and drums no longer threaten to blow out your speakers.

Actually, considering how incredibly good Self Control is, you may want to crank it loud enough to blow out the speakers. The lyrics are far more introspective and thoughtful than your run-of-the-mill Blink 182 pop-punk, and the anger and sheer rock force elevate above most punk releases. It should be seeing a reissue on BYO Records later this year, and the group should do very well when the rest of the country gets a better listen to one of the area’s most overlooked bands.