Kosher - "Death to Drama"

This is punk rock – emphasis on the ROCK. This four-piece knows how to kick it out, no doubt about it. As far as the songs go on this EP, everything just comes together perfectly. The lyrics are pissed-off, the riffs kick it, and the drumbeats propel the whole thing along.

"Brand New Enemy" kicks the disc off with an angry piece about bands talking trash on one another. From there it moves to an indictment of people who think they know what they want, when they haven't got a clue in "American Dream," a song that attempts to prove that the dream is just a figment of your imagination. "Outlaws" is tribute to all those who push the limits of the law to their breaking point. And, of course, "Goodbye" is the antithesis of every sappy "leaving you, but still loving you" song ever written.

This is a fine album, and makes for a killer follow-up to Kosher's Bottle Caps 7-inch. Unfortunately, the mixing on this album occasionally kills what could be the perfect punk rock EP. The bass levels damn near blew my speakers a few times they were so high, and the vocals don't always come through in the mix like they should.

However, Death To Drama is a definite recommendation, if you're not too disturbed at the thought of some sub-par mixing and production. Aside from that problem, the songs are fabulous and the music rocks.