Kelpie - "One" EP
Archer Avenue Records

Kelpie bothers me in that I can't quite figure out who they sound like. Just when I think I've got it on the tip of my tongue, it disappears. Other than that annoying little detail, they put out some fine indie rock. A Lawrence trio, Kelpie is made up of former members of Last Ride Out and Diversion 4.0, yet manages to divest itself of any semblance of pop-punk. Opting instead for mature, reflective music, Kelpie's One is the sort of album that could have come out any time from 1984 onward.

Kelpie's sound is layers of guitars and bass, and remarkably complex for a three piece. Using Beatles-esquer melodies with a Jets to Brazil style of delivery, the record works best as a lazy-Sunday, "I'm trying to study, but the comics are much more interesting" sort of disc. It's not that One is simple, it just has a way of making you prefer to have the more pleasant experiences in life.