Go Betty Go - "Worst Enemy"
SideOne Dummy Records

The interesting thing about getting these cds straight from the record labels for review, as opposed hitting the record store, means I get promo stuff. Things like a press bio. This is what the record label wants me- as well as all the other keyboard critics out there- to think. Case in point: a quote from drummer Aisa stating that she's "not a fan of all-girl bands."

This is the label trying to stave off any comparisons to other So-Cal female-fronted acts in the punk vein, such as Tilt, the Muffs, Red Five, Fabulous Disaster, and so on. There's a reason for this. Go Betty Go does a fine job on Worst Enemy, but they really don't do much to set themselves aside from all the other poppy female punk acts listed.

Yes, they do have songs like "Son Mis Locuras," which is entirely in Spanish, and probably one of the better two tracks on the EP. But the band just seems to fall into the trap of name-dropping diverse influences like NWA, the Cure, the Clash, and Peter Frampton, but not drawing from any of them. Go Betty Go has some catchy lines here and there, and there's a happy hint of surf guitar work in some of the tunes, but Worst Enemy does nothing to break free of the "all-girl punk band" pigeonholing they're stuck with.