Getaway Driver - "Sparking Pistol" EP

Yet another sadly unknown Lawrence band, Getaway Driver is a poppy act in the indie vein. A four piece outfit mixing harmonic vocals and infectious pop hooks with a rock sound, the band brings to mind such bands as TV Fifty.

The Sparking Pistol EP starts out with "Something to Do," infectious rock music that brings to mind every lost love the listener can think of. From there, the album moves into pop-punk "Eyeswornout." After that, the album becomes a quieter, more contemplative affair, but the song set up works well, ending as it does on the hopeful "Next Week; Maybe."

Getaway Driver has produced an album that teems with steering-wheel-tapping tunes and seems custom-written for road trips. The songs are all well written, and the band has hooks to spare in the music. Singing along to the songs on the Sparkling Pistol EP is almost a requirement with this record. To get yourself a copy, and find out more about the band, visit their website at