Gametime - "Let the Games Begin"

Gametime, a 4-piece from Kansas City, is one of those bands that I’m surprised I haven’t heard more from. They have a poppy punk sound very similar to new Found Glory and Blink 182, and could eaily share a stage with local popsters Thulium or pop-punkers mi6. It’s nothing to start a pit, but this is definitely music you can pogo to.

As a four-song EP goes, this is a solid little release. The second track, “Puzzle Pieces,” had me hooked from the first chorus of “whoah-oh”s. The the tight vocal harmonies also did a good deal to get me grinning and nodding my head.

The final track, “Who Shares Wins,” has a slow, building intro that leads into frenetic drumming and catchy guitar licks, as well as a catchy bass line that underlies the whole thing. The final bridge takes the whole song and brings it right back to where it started, building to a cathartic release.

Frankly, the quality of playing and recording quality make it difficult to believe that the EP was recorded in just one day. Gametime is certainly a band for both pop and punk fans to take notice of. To hear some of their stuff, hit their website at