Danger Bob - "For Unlawful Christmas Knowledge"
Independent release

About this time last year, there was some talk of a dual Christmas release between Danger Bob and the late great Kansas City band - TV Fifty. Well it is one year later, and since TV Fifty is long gone, Danger Bob got left holding the bag. I have been following Danger Bob since the very beginning, and the thought of them singing Christmas tunes was just plain scary. Let me just say that if the boys don't catch some flack over their humorously sacrilegious lyrics from someone, I will be surprised.

Among the topics included on the 10-minute disc are the proverbial family Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. We also get told the story of how Jesus is a mexican name that is pronounced wrong. They also ask the age-old question, "What the fuck are swaddling clothes?" We also discover that Ho is not just something that Santa says anymore. The silly music is rounded out by a very nice rendition of "Silent Night."

Now as far as the goal of creating a few irreverent smiles this holiday season goes, I think that Danger Bob did a good job. I think having three very funny novelty songs followed by a traditional Christmas song was also a good idea.

My big beef, however, is that "Silent Night" wasn't "pretty enough" and that if they really wanted a smoothed-over traditional Christmas tune, they could have done some things to it to make it a little bit more so - even on a live recording.

The disc was recorded live at The Bottleneck and was mixed at Lawrence's newest recording studio: Z,Qwon,th. The CD does sound good for what it is - an inexpensive, quickly produced and duplicated novelty disc -  but it is by no means a masterpiece. The disc was intended as a holiday novelty for the 200 people that are lucky enough to get a copy of it. That's right, the boys printed only 200 of these CDs. So, if you need a little Christmas cheer in your holiday season, or you're looking for that stocking stuffer for that certain someone who can appreciate good religious humor, than I highly recommend that you get out and get a copy of this disc real soon, because when they're gone, they're gone.