Brothers From Different Mothers - "All Ages Show"
Independent release

These kids like the Ray-Guns. I can tell. They’re from Topeka, as are the ‘Guns, and the sound is strikingly similar. However, the band is young, and one can’t fault kids for looking up to somebody. The liner notes thank the Pietasters, Reel Big Fish, and Buck-O-Nine, as well, so with that triumvirate, you can get a sense of BFDM’s sound.

It’s derivative, yes, but still has a youthful exuberance that more than makes up for the lack of a "fresh" sound. Not to mention the fact that they score geek points with me for making this an enhanced CD, complete with video clips and pictures.

This disc - an EP really - has some high points and low points. The opening track, "Little ‘C’," starts out with a nice guitar riff, and the vocals are on key, if a bit monotone and talky rather than sung. "Ska U Down to Size" is rather similar to the first song, with the typical verse-chorus-verse ska-punk formula followed to a tee.

"The Ice Queen" is really the only seriously weak song on the whole CD. Frankly, I found it droning and monotonous. The disc would have seen overall improvement had this song not been on it. It’s especially awkward, as the song really doesn’t fit in with the other four songs on All Ages Show, which are far more bouncy and danceable. The song has its moments, but the transitions from upbeat to droning are rather awkward, as is the breakdown towards the end.

"Wanna Be’s World" is a wonderfully danceable tune, and has an extremely catchy chorus that will stick in your head for days after hearing it. However, despite the virtues of "Wanna Be’s World," it is the final song, "Actor," that actually caught my ear the most. "Actor" is an interesting mix of ska and punk that really grabbed me. It’s almost emo-ska... I’m really at a loss as to describe it accurately, but should Brothers From Different Mothers stick with this direction, they could really make a name for themselves.