Avondale - "Enormous Black Power Gift"
Independent release

Avondale’s Enormous Black Power Gift is a very powerful release. This CD is chock-full of head-banging goodness - not rapid, double-kick-drum, Metallica sort of headbanging, but more of that nodding-your-head-yes sort. Give this disc a try and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

The first track, "Second Thought," is probably the best tune on the disc, with a killer guitar riff that starts off the song in fine form. The song blends elements of Queensryche and Megadeth at once to create a melodic headbanger’s ball.

"Power Gift" seems to sound like Pantera in its first few seconds, but gains a much more melodic hardcore feel to it as it progresses. I absolutely loved the guitar harmonics when I first heard them ring out over that crunchy opening guitar. It’s an almost "indie-rock" tune, especially with the off-and-on delivery and distorted guitars.

"Goodnight" is actually my least-favorite song on the disc, as it’s a bit slow and lacks the crunch and power that the other songs have. It could almost be a power ballad, with its tidal, swaying feel.

"Shine" and "Noisy True" go together, so well in fact that they almost seem to be one long song. But this isn’t a bad thing, as it re-establishes the cohesive flow that "Goodnight" interrupted. "Shine" strikes the energy back up, starting out loud and noisy, only to go back to a quiet lull, which builds back up at the beginning of "Noisy True," itself swelling into some of the most lush arrangements on the whole album.

"Superstar," which brings the album to it's 'official' close, is a great song that builds and builds. It starts out very quiet and mellow, and works its way to pure loudness. With wonderfully Foo Fighter-ish guitar riffs grinding away behind Palubicki's beautiful wailing, this particular track is a prime example of the pop/hard rock sound that Avondale creates.

Patient listeners, (those of you who are now in-the-know) will also experience a short but worthy hidden track titled "Jihad." Its rampant feel and urging guitars will get fists pumping. Holy war anyone?? My god is better than yours, infidel dog.

Avondale’s Enormous Black Power Gift is a damn fine piece of work, encapsulating power-pop guitar riffs, hard rock and metal drumming, and skilled, operatic vocals that hop genres almost as thoroughly. Avondale has created a CD that should appeal to metal, indie, pop, and hard rock fans alike.