All Kapitals - "self-titled"

Like a low-rent version of namelessnumberheadman, All Kapitals attempt to fuse acoustic indie rock with electronic beats. Their equipment and recording capabilities just aren't up to it, however. Nor is the singing of Joseph Janner, the man behind All Kapitals.

The singing's pretty weak. Not off-key or anything, it's just so average that leaving the beats and guitars by themselves would have been a better idea. The recording on those elements sound pretty good. The vocals, though, sound as if Mr. Janner recorded them into a computer mic.

All Kapitals has a nice idea for a record, but it's being done on a far higher level by namelessnumberheadman. Not that Janner should give up, but he definitely needs to aim a bit higher than what he has right now, or he's going to be another act's shadow for a good long while.