The Lawrence Hunt

So, during the summer here in Lawrence, there's this little thing called the Lawrence Hunt. To quote the Hunt's MySpace page:

"I'm the best game you've ever played. And I will aggravate the living shit out of you. The Hunt is monthly series of, well, hunts, that take place in Lawrence, Kansas. The first one was held in May of 2005 to great acclaim. "Location! Location! Location" was a scavenger hunt in the style of "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World", in which teams assembled and were given a list of riddles that when solved would lead them to a specific location. There, the team answer a question asked by the clue, such as a date or identifying something at the location. Since then, the games vary in theme and style from month to month. The game masters Kitty, Andy, and Matt bust their brains to bring you the most fun challenges ever! As the games go on, the challenges, themes, team structure, and objectives change to keep the challenge fresh. The idea is to get people thinking creatively, while working as a team, all while competing against others. Of course, above all, the point is to have fun!"

It's fucking fun as hell. The first one we did as a team was The Hunt: Translostlation in April of 2006. Being as how Tanya and Sarah had to work, it was Sean, Paul, Chelsea, Nick, and Craig all crammed into Chelsea's car. Did I mention it was misting and rainy pretty much all day long? Yeah. Anyhow, it was. That particular challenge involved deciphering clues and answering questions that required hauling our collective asses all over town. At one point, Chelsea's car decided that five people in it was a bit too much and started making funny smells... like BURNING. We spent most of the day feeling slightly damp. We came in fifth out of nine teams. Dead smack in the middle, which isn't too damn bad for our first time. We learned some lessons, which we then applied to the next challenge.

For Gutcheck on May 27, the rules were a bit different. They involved getting pictures of various things around town. Some small things ("CLIMB") were worth five points and the biggies ("Shoot a gun") were worth one hundred. Our team increased to seven for this challenge, with the addition of Sarah and Tanya. We all crammed ourselves into Sarah's SUV and proceeded to drive around Lawrence in deadly fucking heat, screaming at one another, sweating, and generally trying not to die of heat stroke. Tanya and Sean learned that Potter's Lake at KU is the smelliest pond ever, Nick learned that next time he's wearing shorts, and we all learned that next time, we're bringing more water. However, in this go 'round, we placed third. We also had awesome shirts, so even though we didn't win, we still looked fucking swank.

Just take a gander at the pictures from Gutcheck and see what asses we can be.