Rules For Dating
A Member Of The Nuthouse
1. No hurting the boyz.

2. No hurting your respective man, unless they do it first... then, most likely, you will be supported and helped with any revenge you have planned.

3. Applebee's is the moment of truth... use your time there wisely. Pay attention- this is how they really are.

4. You are there for your man... but don't shut out the rest. No being smothering.

5. If you break up with your man... don't hang around anymore.

6. Don't take everything literally... they don't really mean all of it, just most of it.

7. Don't attempt to change anything, just accept it the way it is. Change will occur naturally.

8. Don't always take, you need to give as well. Contribute to the group dynamic

9. If you want alone time with your man, remember that he gets to have alone time with the group. They have been around longer than you. Never tell them "it's them or me"- you will always lose.

10. They may be intimidating at first, but don't let it scare you off... they're just testing the waters.

11. Be yourself- don't let them change you.

12. Remember above all else, you are not just The Girlfriend, you are one of their friends' friends, as well. Thus, don't alienate anyone, or you'll regret it.

13. Don't let things fester. If you have a problem, talk to them- they will help you.

14. Old girlfriends are just that- old. Don't bring them up, unless they start first.

15. Please, no PDA, makes the rest of the group sick

16. Anything that you say in retaliation should only be in jest, seeing as that is what they're doing.

17. Any other questions....see Sarah.