Robb's Big Adventure

    I was supposed to get up at 9 this morning to get some stuff done.  However, after certain escapades last night, I was too damn tired to get up.  So I slept in. Real in, because I accidentally turned off my alarm when I hit snooze.  So I woke up at 12:30, and had half an hour to get awake, iron clothes, shower, and hopefully eat before work.  I managed to wake up and shower and dress.  And made it to work with 15 seconds to spare, which at my store counts.

    So after an hour or so of regular work, I get this customer who has some problem with his Sprint PCS wireless phone.  Well, this happened to be a problem that required me to send the phone off to be repaired, or he could take it to a Sprint service center.

    Well, neither of these seemed to work for him, so he left, pissed.

    No biggie, right?

    Well, then this guy comes back like fifteen minutes later with someone from Sprint on the phone. So he asks me to talk to her, and she starts squacking at me about how unprofessional of me it is to follow my corporate policies.

    So I got her name, finally got off the phone with the bitch, and call OUR Sprint rep.  I tell her this story, and she gets this whore's name. So about half an hour after that, I get this call. Well, it's the Sprint cunt's boss.  She asks me why I am causing problems for her employees and out customers.

    I try to explain what's going on, and she wouldn't listen.  So I got her name too...and called our rep back.

    So shortening this story while I still can, three Sprint employees got fired today because one was a rude bitch to me.  Wow.
It seems Sprint and Radio Shack have this agreement where if a Sprint employee embarrasses or is rude to a Shack employee, they get terminated, instantly.

    So that was cool.

    Well, because of this and how busy we were today, I didn't get a chance to go to lunch before the day people left, meaning no lunch break at all.

    So about 5:15, the phone rings.  They ask for me.  I pick up.

    "This is Robb."

    "Hiii, Robb.  Have you had lunch yet?"

    " is this please?"

    "It's a surprise.  Don't go anywhere."



    Well, around 6, my (long lost) Female Friend* shows up with Yello Sub, my favorite. Just like that, out of the blue!  Haven't heard from this bitch in forever, let alone seen her, and she swings by with lunch!!!  Holy shit! We talked and ate and chilled for fifteen minutes until I had to get back to work.

    So that, also, was cool. ex-co-worker swung by today and wanted to chill when I got off work.  And in trade for a place to chill and get away from roommates, I was offered a case of Boulevard Pale Ale to share.  My favorite pale ale in the world!

    So again, total coolness.

    And I am now gonna go and partake in mucho cervesas with a bud and chi-all.  Good times, man...

    Oh, in other news, unless I can get $450 by Thursday at 1 PM I can't enroll.

    But I am gonna go to another world in twenty minutes, so fuck it.  I'm happy now, fuck later, right?

    Chill, all.

    Talk to you beautiful babies later!

*  My (long lost) Female Friend shall hitherto remain nameless to protect my valuable testes and her lovely face from the wrath of certain other Females.