Robb Messes With Sarah's Mind

packadayplus: 'Sup toots?
packadayplus: Better day, hopefully.
HpyinLuv6: nuttin' much
HpyinLuv6: slept in until 4
packadayplus: Mmm...sleeeeeep...
packadayplus: I remember sleep.
HpyinLuv6: was nice...I would've slept some more...but I decided against it
packadayplus: Those are those animals that make sweaters, right?
HpyinLuv6: huh?
packadayplus: Sleep?
HpyinLuv6: oh
HpyinLuv6: no
packadayplus: Wooly...
packadayplus: Oh?
HpyinLuv6: Sleep is something better than sweaters
packadayplus: BETTER THAN SWEATERS???!!!
HpyinLuv6: Yup
packadayplus: ARE YOU DAFT, WOMAN???
HpyinLuv6: No
packadayplus: OK then.
HpyinLuv6: I know my sleep
HpyinLuv6: and it's damn good
packadayplus: My uncle got dafted in WWII...
HpyinLuv6: HA
packadayplus: But I didn't think they could do it to women yet.
HpyinLuv6: no...not yet
packadayplus: Someday.
HpyinLuv6: we were obligated to join
packadayplus: Join what?
HpyinLuv6: "Free a Man to Fight"
packadayplus: Oh, yeah.
packadayplus: Free...
HpyinLuv6: no dafting for us
packadayplus: My dog had frees once.
HpyinLuv6: We keep our cats free of frees
packadayplus: Good for ewe.
HpyinLuv6: thanks
packadayplus: Wait, sorry, a ewe is a sleep, isn't it?
HpyinLuv6: Yeah...yeah it is
packadayplus: I wish I was a sleep.
HpyinLuv6: In Kansas that's dangerous
packadayplus: Especially around K-State.
HpyinLuv6: "raaaaaaape"
packadayplus: "Ah swear, officer, ah was just a-helpin' that sleep over the fence!"
HpyinLuv6: The thing is, if I was going to college in Kansas...I'd have to go to KState
HpyinLuv6: KU doesn't have my major
packadayplus: Because you're dumb?
packadayplus: Oh.
packadayplus: What's your major?
HpyinLuv6: Horticulture
packadayplus: Reaping sleep?
packadayplus: Oh.
HpyinLuv6: I'm a gonna be a cultured whore
packadayplus: Wow.
HpyinLuv6: charge more money that way
packadayplus: Like yougurt?
packadayplus: A little yougurt whore?
HpyinLuv6: I suppose
HpyinLuv6: what an odd conversation...
packadayplus: Gives "fruit on the bottom" a whore new meaning.
HpyinLuv6: Oh yeah
packadayplus: Hole new meaning.
packadayplus: Or something...
HpyinLuv6: that's kinky
packadayplus: I broke my kinky.
packadayplus: It won't go down stairs anymore.
HpyinLuv6: you are so odd
packadayplus: I stink at math though.
HpyinLuv6: don't we all?
packadayplus: All I can do is odd and subtract.
packadayplus: That's about it.
HpyinLuv6: I can multiply
packadayplus: I shall refrain from coment.
HpyinLuv6: I was waiting for it
HpyinLuv6: oh well
packadayplus: "Let's add you and me, subtract our clothes, divide your legs and multiply."
packadayplus: Still one of my faves.
HpyinLuv6: Ah, I've never heard that one
packadayplus: A classic.
HpyinLuv6: I don't get hit on very much
packadayplus: I'd hit on you if you were here.
packadayplus: And I had a bat.
HpyinLuv6: that would hurt
packadayplus: Wait...
HpyinLuv6: I don't like pain
packadayplus: Those little things? They only eat fruit...
packadayplus: It might sting a little.
HpyinLuv6: They got them claws
HpyinLuv6: and teeth
packadayplus: I had clawdads once.
packadayplus: It was the seventeeth of April...
HpyinLuv6: I love crawdads
HpyinLuv6: I used to live in Louisiana
packadayplus: Clawdads.
packadayplus: I'm so sorry...
HpyinLuv6: okay
HpyinLuv6: It was nice
packadayplus: So then you know all about reaping sleep and eating clawdads.
HpyinLuv6: None of the reaping sleep
packadayplus: It's ok, you can tell me.
packadayplus: Were they willing?
HpyinLuv6: I swear, I've never even been close to a sleep
packadayplus: Uh-huh.
HpyinLuv6: I ain't a sleep kinda woman
packadayplus: Than how do you explain all that curly black wool...oh, never mind.
packadayplus: Sorry.
HpyinLuv6: oookkkaaaayyyy
HpyinLuv6: whew
HpyinLuv6: how is stop day going for you?
packadayplus: I love my room. It's got quite a whew.
HpyinLuv6: I used to have one...but now all I can see are froshling men
packadayplus: Slop day is fine I guess, but I keep spilling stuff.
HpyinLuv6: huh?
packadayplus: Nevermind.
HpyinLuv6: I'm not as quick as y'all are
HpyinLuv6: takes me a while to realize what's going on
packadayplus: It's from reaping sleep.
HpyinLuv6: I swear
HpyinLuv6: I've never even thought about sleep in that way
packadayplus: Try eating more clawdads. They're train food.
HpyinLuv6: I don't get many clawdads up north
HpyinLuv6: we get lobsters
packadayplus: I see. Maybe when you're a yogurt whore reaping sleep here in Kansas, you can get some good clawdads and increase your train power.
HpyinLuv6: You are so weird
packadayplus: I don't get lobsters.
packadayplus: They are so hard to figure out...
HpyinLuv6: I don't like lobsters
packadayplus: They probably don't care much for you either.
packadayplus: Eating their kin folk and all.
HpyinLuv6: no...I don't think they do
HpyinLuv6: I don't eat lobsters
packadayplus: But you reap sleep???
HpyinLuv6: they taste really icky
HpyinLuv6: I dont' reap sleep
HpyinLuv6: How many times do I have to tell you
packadayplus: Ok, ok...
packadayplus: I believe you.
HpyinLuv6: now there's an interesting word...titter
packadayplus: I like titters.
packadayplus: Apple titters.
HpyinLuv6: I'm a strudel person
HpyinLuv6: cherry strudel
packadayplus: Sick bastard...
HpyinLuv6: I've been called that
HpyinLuv6: but my parents were married
packadayplus: To each other?
HpyinLuv6: yes
packadayplus: Oh.
HpyinLuv6: for a while, actually
packadayplus: And then...
HpyinLuv6: married after knowing each other for 2 months
packadayplus: Wow.
HpyinLuv6: they've been married for 26 years now
packadayplus: Gosh. What an inspirational story.
packadayplus: Think I'll go gimme a prostitute...
HpyinLuv6: yeah...and they give me shit about my relationship
packadayplus: What relationship?
HpyinLuv6: with Craig
packadayplus: Craig?
HpyinLuv6: yeah
HpyinLuv6: you know him?
packadayplus: I know a Craig...
packadayplus: I'm sad to say.
packadayplus: I hope it's not the same guy...
HpyinLuv6: I think he's a nice guy
HpyinLuv6: He tall...skinny....
packadayplus: Tall, gawky, bar in his chest, sees more pussy than a box of tampons, chain smokes...?
HpyinLuv6: all but that pussy comment...
packadayplus: This can't be the same guy then.
HpyinLuv6: okay
packadayplus: Drives a Tracker, lives in Lansing, masturbates in malls...?
HpyinLuv6: that last one....
HpyinLuv6: doesn't match
packadayplus: I don't think it's him.
HpyinLuv6: okeydoke
packadayplus: Last name is Orco, Orca, Wishead...something like that. I could check, I met him through Betty. She probably knows.
HpyinLuv6: Orkwis
packadayplus: That could be it.
HpyinLuv6: Who's Betty?
packadayplus: I'll ask Betty next time she goes up to see him.
HpyinLuv6: she a yougurt whore?
packadayplus: I dunno, some girl, I guess.
HpyinLuv6: okay
packadayplus: No, she's lactose intolerant.
HpyinLuv6: ah
HpyinLuv6: so she's a freak
packadayplus: And no matter what you hear, I'm not intolerant.
packadayplus: I'm all man.
HpyinLuv6: okay
HpyinLuv6: ah, I wouldn't know
packadayplus: Pity for you...
HpyinLuv6: I'm not really looking nowadays
packadayplus: Me either.
packadayplus: It makes it harder to rape someone if you look at them first.
HpyinLuv6: ah
packadayplus: You feel...what's that stuff?
HpyinLuv6: I didn't know that one
HpyinLuv6: guilt?
packadayplus: My granny made me a guilt.
packadayplus: She loves to go to guilting bees.
HpyinLuv6: Mine made me an afghan
packadayplus: I love to cuddle up in my guilt.
HpyinLuv6: I don't have a guilt
HpyinLuv6: Never have had a guilt
HpyinLuv6: I'm so deprived
packadayplus: What do an afghan and a black man in Kentucky have in common?
HpyinLuv6: i do not know
packadayplus: They're both full of holes!
HpyinLuv6: ha
HpyinLuv6: ha
packadayplus: BWAh, HA, Ha!
HpyinLuv6: ha
packadayplus: Seriously though.
packadayplus: I'm not racist.
HpyinLuv6: that's what y'all say
packadayplus:'re not Jewish, are you?
HpyinLuv6: no
packadayplus: Good.
HpyinLuv6: Methodist
packadayplus: Not that I'm racist, mind you.
HpyinLuv6: yes, I know
packadayplus: My friend died of methodist.
packadayplus: He was addicted.
packadayplus: Made the shit in his basement.
HpyinLuv6: yeah
packadayplus: Big old batch of methodist.
HpyinLuv6: Me and Paul are alone in our Methodistness
packadayplus: Thank Godd. I hope you both die soon.
HpyinLuv6: nah...I'll be around for a good long time
packadayplus: Have you gotten any mail from me lately?
HpyinLuv6: one last night
packadayplus: Any packages?
HpyinLuv6: no
packadayplus: Oh.
HpyinLuv6: mean snail mail
HpyinLuv6: we dont' get any mail on Saturday
packadayplus: Well, if you do, be sure to open it right away.
packadayplus: And alone. It's...private.
HpyinLuv6: no...I think I'll have it returned to sender
packadayplus: Do you have any magnets or tuning forks in your room?
HpyinLuv6: no...not really
packadayplus: No magnets?
HpyinLuv6: like...4 on my fridge
packadayplus: Ooh, that's good.
packadayplus: Just set the package by your fridge.
packadayplus: You won't even have to open it.
HpyinLuv6: I don't think I'll take anything into my room though
HpyinLuv6: I'll just take it back to the nice lady at the desk and tell her I want it returned
packadayplus: Take the magnets with you.
HpyinLuv6: I like 'em just where they are
HpyinLuv6: I don't want to mess with my decor
packadayplus: The "nice Lady" at the desk...she knows who signs her paychecks.
HpyinLuv6: some guy named Larry
packadayplus: And if she wants that envelope to keep coming each week, she'll make you take it to your room.
packadayplus: Yes. Larry with two "r's."
HpyinLuv6: Oh, I might take it away from the Post Office...but it won't end up in my room
packadayplus: Are there any Jews in your building?
packadayplus: Yo ucould give it to them.
HpyinLuv6: At FSC?
HpyinLuv6: That's a joke
packadayplus: Say it's from "Larry."
packadayplus: Oh, yeah, Jews burn in sunlight.
HpyinLuv6: We might have someone here who's a Jew...
packadayplus: They all live in those dark states.
HpyinLuv6: There is a large Jewish populalion in Bedford, actually
HpyinLuv6: I was friends with a few
packadayplus: There was a large Jewish population in Warsaw, too.
packadayplus: Revolution, girl...
HpyinLuv6: yeah...but we like our Jewish Bedfordites
packadayplus: The winds of time change.
HpyinLuv6: Bedford is stuck in the 1700s
packadayplus: Good, night, sleep tight, don't let the Bedfordites.
HpyinLuv6: yup
HpyinLuv6: we're vicious at night
packadayplus: Like some sort of temporal shift?
HpyinLuv6: no entertainment
HpyinLuv6: They took away our Woolworth
packadayplus: I saw an episode of "Star Trek" like that.
HpyinLuv6: All we have is our Super Stop and Shop
packadayplus: The ship got caught in this temporal loop and it kept being a 18th century town full of Jews and Woolworths.
HpyinLuv6: wow
HpyinLuv6: you are incredibly weird
packadayplus: Sorry.
packadayplus: It's the crack.
HpyinLuv6: I should've guessed
packadayplus: The duck says "crack crack crack."
HpyinLuv6: yes it does
HpyinLuv6: ducks are special like that
packadayplus: I suppose I should go now. I need to buy deoderant and a pitcher.
HpyinLuv6: okay
packadayplus: Also maybe some food.
HpyinLuv6: watch out for those yougurt whores
packadayplus: Damn, I could swear that Craig guy was dating Betty...
HpyinLuv6: no...
packadayplus: Or one of those other chicks he sleeps with.
HpyinLuv6: Sarah...but y'know...Betty and Sarah are so close
packadayplus: I'm going to save this conversation and title it "She Thought I was Kidding."
HpyinLuv6: uh huh
packadayplus: I'll talk to you later.
HpyinLuv6: okay
packadayplus: 'Night, Betty.
HpyinLuv6: adios, Crackhead