On The Eve Of Y2K
:Nick go boom now: that's what craig is thinking as he pulls the fuse of the roman candle...or he's just pissed and annoyed at all the picture taking? eh... whatcha gonna do?

hehehe... this is nick... this is craig... nick and craig get acquainted... craig likes nick... can you see craig trying to spend
quality time with nick? see nick just about to swing around and clock craig....see craig soon fall to the floor grabing his nose and wimpering like a little school girl...oh, the humanity... hahaha

::we are the spokespeople for the cancer stix you smoke....yes, you too can be cool and smoke, too....yes teens of all ages will too, be cool for smoking... each time you take a drag of that cigarette, think of us:: -sponsered by the american cancer prevention society-

Cancer Boy
HIIIIIIIIIIIIII... i'm cancer boy! i like to scare little children under bridges and chase the neighborhood dogs and catch them and watch them run down the street yelping in pain due to them being on fire

it's craig... that's all i have to say about that.

the little delinquent... we hid all the firecrackers in paul's backpack, 'cause it was illegal to have them in city limits... so we decided to let him take the blame, since nick and craig thought their asses were too sweet and virgin to risk in prison... oh, wait they wouldn't go to prison- they'd just go to lansing jail. they complained that they actually wanted to have a learning experience while in jail, rather than sitting and watching dunkle eat donuts.

oh, and i show my photography skills with a picture of paul and craig. on the tour to your left, we have the troll who lives under the bridge and his twig he uses to poke at people... don't get too close to the edge children, lest you be set aflame.

the four of us after almost setting fire to various geriatric neighbors. they can run pretty fast with those walkers... and the
shrills they let out... geeze

this is craig at the gas pump- he is just the sexiest of the pumpers at 7-11. he shows his skill of impersonating the locals... and, unfortunately he is is a local

Surprise, Craig!
later at nick's house and SURPRISE, craig!!! oh, no- a camera... smile or just look stupified, like its natural... which it is

Shake It, Baby
craig and nick scare the neighbors... but, hey- have sooooo much fun.. shake it, baby

Save Yourself
if craig and paul and nick ever morphed into one... ohohohohohoh.... man, that's scary... this is definately one to adapt with paint shop pro... heehehee

just bustin' out the cancer stix after blowin' shit up... wooooo hooooo

The Sexy Three
one phrase... RUN AWAY!!!

Uh Oh
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