Misc. Pictures

Sometime around the summer of '94 or '95, Craig and I hauled this HUGE box of Legos out my family's basment into the room my brother and I shared at the time. We spent the entire summer building this killer fucking city out of Legos. He eventually even used part of it as a project for his Spanish class, getting a good grade in the process, as well. Luckily, I bothered to take pictures, knowing nobody's believe all the shit we put together.

There may be even further pictures from this sort of thing coming soon, since my roommate and I have a kitchen table we never use. And, being as how it's my table, anyhow, I'm thinking about hauling the Legos down here to Lawrence and screwing around and being creative in my spare time, rather than downloading MP3s and watching SNL reruns. My parents would be happy to get more of my stuff out of the house, anyway.

The other shot is of Craig and I doing Cheech and Chong's "Earache My Eye" at the high school's Lip Sync contest in '95. No prizes, but my dad liked it.

Lego City
Lego City 01
Lego City 02

Lip Sync