A Brief History of the Nuthouse

The Nuthouse has existed in various places and at various connection speeds for well over six years now. Started on my first computer (a P166, for you geeks) my freshman year at KU- room 531 of Hashinger Hall, to be exact. It was then ran out of an apartment at 9th and Michigan I shared with my friend Jason. Now it's operated out of a one-room apartment in the student ghetto at 13th and Tennessee, but still in Lawrence. Bits and pieces of that first computer are still in the one to my left. The site is now designed on a PIII 750, traded from my sister for a mini fridge and a stack of cd-rs, and while it may be a different machine, it's still covered in stickers.

When the site started, pretty much everyone but me was still in Lansing. Now, pretty much everyone is in Lawrence... hell, actually... Paul is the only one in Lansing. We all have various jobs, some of us have actually managed to graduate college, some of us have been kicked out of college, and we're are all dating different people than when the site started.

The earliest piece of news on the Nuthouse is from early April '98, although the site was started shortly after Thanksgiving Break of '97. The first site wasn't much, and featured a picture of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes as the logo, and the background was a picture of a Less Than Jake CD. The first story to be posted is beyond me at this point, but I think it was Internet Love. The art has gotten better, as have the stories.

This site's been around for over six years... man, I haven't even had a relationship last much more than a year. That's rather sad. Since I've started the site, it's been on two servers, had about four different URLs, and two different mailing lists. I've lived in three different dorm rooms, two apartments, gone to two different colleges, had nine jobs, written for four other websites and three magazines (never making a fucking dime), and dated six different girls.

Lotsa change, but one thing has been consistent: amazingly, we still all hang out together (meaning Paul, Craig, Sean, and I). Well, two- the site STILL doesn't get any fucking visitors.

Thanks to everyone who has ever sent in stuff for the site, nice words, unkind words, helped me find art, made fun of me, gotten a Quotie, or even read a single story.

You rule.

Now onto the next phase of the Nuthouse... whatever that may be.

Nicholas John Spacek
3 February 2004