Craig's Day At Work

      It was another typical day at work for me. I was in the bakery all by myself (because the cheapskates refuse to hire someone to help me out)breaking down some boxes to take to the dumpster. I decided to use my pocket knife to speed up the process because A) there were a lot of boxes, and B) I rarely get to use my pocket knife.

      Proving once again that I shouldn't be allowed to have sharp objects I accidentally knocked my knife off the table where I was working and, like an idiot, tried to catch it. On the bright side I did stop the knife from hitting the floor, however, it was lodged in my pinky-finger. If it wasn't for the fact the it hurt a whole lot, it was pretty cool to see the knife just sticking out like it was.

      When the blood started pouring down my hand I decided to run back to the sink and try to bandage my finger. No more than two seconds after I get to the sink do I hear the shriek of a customer up front, "EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME! I NEED A CAKE WRITTEN ON!!"

      I tried to be polite with this lady and I asked her to hold on just a moment because I was having "a problem." Well, I consider blood gushing out of my body a problem. The lady, like every other customer, didn't seem to care about my problems and informed me "But I'm in a HURRY!"

      'Ok, she's in a hurry, I'm bleeding...lets see what she thinks is more important,' I thought. So I stopped washing my gash, walked up to the front counter and thrust my hand towards this woman. "Ma'am," I said, "as you can see, I'm slightly injured." The 'slightly' was a bit more humorous if you could have seen the blood running down my arm. "If you would kindly wait one moment, I would be happy to help you," I continued through clenched teeth.

      "Oh my God!" the lady replied, which made me feel triumphant for some odd reason. "Well how long is that gonna take?"

      This is the reason I urge all of you not to be in the Price Chopper in Leavenworth next Friday. I can't stand the customers so I'm burning it to the ground. Have a nice day.