Running Amuck At Applebee's
    Yes, this could be the name of any number of stories, but we figured that this would be the best way to name it, as it is possibly most appropriate here.
   The night was started off by Craig, Paul, Nick, and Paul's sister Anne making a trip to Leavenworth Plaza to get Paul's stereo from Sears and Nick's photos from Wal-Mart. Craig tagged along for the hell of it, and Anne wanted to go to Blockbuster. She would soon regret making the trip with these three wired (for no good reason) guys.

    Paul watched on in amusement and slight disgust when the group arrived at Blockbuster. After a bit of Nick and Craig doing their best to make Anne "uncomfortable," they switched to out and out embarssment and come-ons for the rest of the trip.

    Upon the arrival at Sears, Paul was watching on in hilarity as Nick and Craig stopped with the embarassment and focussed on outright sexual perversion, most notably suggesting that Anne come along with them so that they might watch her try on lingerie. She was none too thrilled with the idea.

    Upon hearing this, Craig and Nick began doing their best male dancer impressions, wiggling their pelvi in Anne's general direction. She got a bit disgusted and embarassed. Craig and Nick then followed her as she left to go wander, leaving Paul behind to get his stereo.

    After being followed for a bit, Anne returned. with Craig and Nick close at her heels to see that Pau had gotten his stereo. Next stop- Wal-Mart. Here was where everything kicked into high gear. Upon following Anne about the store for a bit, making sexual comments about watching her run and watching her tail as she walked away, the boys proceeded to ditch her. After waiting outside for too damn long, they all returned inside to stand in line with Anne.

    While in line, Craig and Nick pressured Anne for her measurements, so that they might purchase a bikini for her to wear for them. When they got nowhere with that, they simply resorted to walking over to a display and holding the bikinis up to her. None were suitable, alas.

    However, once all left Wal-Mart, the decision was made by the males to go to Applebee's, despite Anne's strident and loud objections. Once there, it was happily noted that two associates of the Nuthouse, Mr. Caleb Church and Mr. Jason Wacker, were present.

    It was at that time, though, that Anne decided to call her parents, at which time Paul was forced to return her home.
   Luckily, a table was procured iin the smoking section, and Nick and Craig made their way over there, where they were accompanied by Stephanie Mariano and Rob, the fourth of the Nuthouse's contributors. Rob and Steph wanted a table in the non-smoking section so that Rob would not be tempted to partake. At hearing this, Craig and Nick proclaimed Rob to be a "pussy" and begged him to be gone, with accompanying dismissive motions.

    At Rob and Steph's leaving, Paul reappeared, and the triumverate did begin to ogle the cornucopia of fine female forms that were in abundance at Applebee's that evening, both waitresses and patrons included. One particular female struck the table's collective eye, and Nick made his way over there to inform the lovely young lass, whose name he found out was Alicia, that his diminutive friend in the Celtic t-shirt (that being Paul) was curious to know her name and whether she was ivolved romaticly. She was not.

    Nick spoke with Steph and Rob for a bit, and transferred the knowledge to the table. Much gigg;ing and snickering was had. After the arrival of Jason and Caleb to the table a bit later, the talk turned to things other than tht of the many lovely young ladies. However, Nick finally came up with something else to use so that the lovely Alicia might have her head messed with yet again.

    He did then go over to the table and ask her why she had not returned to talk to Paul. Upon seeing the look of shock and amazement upon her face, he went to talk to Rob and Steph.

    While he was gone, two of her friends came over, in full Z-snap attitude and berated Paul for his acting like a 4th grader and not talking to her in person. To which Jason replied that the night was still young and that those seated at the table had merely regressed to the summer between 8th and 9th grade.

    Then Nick returned and had to be informed of what had transpired. After consumption of another pitcher of Coca-Cola (TM), the young Alicia and her friends got up to leave, and one of her friends brought over a note:
    This is when Paul ran out after the and yelled after them that he would be sure to call and asked if it 7ish would a good a time to do so. Tne table then decided that it was late and it would be best to get home for bed.

Thus endeth the tale....