An Outsider's Guide to the Nuthouse - We finally start letting you all in on our sordid little secrets. You can now get into all the in-jokes, and be as sad and pathetic as we are. by Sean Brimer, Robb McKinney, Craig Orkwis, Paul Serena, and Nick Spacek

A Brief History of the Nuthouse - A little over four years here at the site, and ruminations on the past. by Nick Spacek

Craig's Day At Work - Think your day was bad? Think your customers suck? Craig BLED for this. Now shut your pie hole and read the story. by Craig Orkwis

Honk For Dave - A story of how the Nuthouse made the news, amazingly without it containing the words "homicide" or "multiple." by Nick Spacek, with photos by Nick Spacek and Courtney Keith

The Lawrence Hunt - Team Nuthouse competes in Lawrence scavenger hunt, makes fools out of themselves. by the Nuthouse

Misc. Pictures - Some stuff from the archives of things we have done. There's some shots of a Lego City and a Lip Sync contest performance. by Nick Spacek and others

The Nuthouse Sees Weird Al - Our trials and travails to see our idol. by Nick Spacek

On The Eve Of Y2K - Well, Craig, Paul, Katja and I all hung out together New Year's Eve, 1999 at my house in Lansing, blowing up shit with fireworks and smoking lots. Katja captured the whole thing on film for us all. photos and text by Katja Barron

Paul and Anne Fuck With Craig's Mind - So, Paul and his sister Anne pretended that Paul was Anne and really messed with Craig. It was funny. by Paul Serena

Paul And Rob Have Too Much Free Time - I (Nick) went to work and left AOL Instant Messanger on. This was bad, 'cause they did not much like my away message, and so left this for me to find upon my return. by Robb McKinney and Paul Serena

Quoties - Various quotes collected by my friends Caleb Church, Rob McKinney and Paul Serena, students at Kansas City Kansas Community College; and me and Craig here at KU. These are quotes from REAL people, not lines written by some... writer.

Robb's Big Adventure - He had a bad day. He got people fired. He got beer. It's all good in the end. by Robb McKinney

Robb Messes With a Young Mind - Robb teases a young girl about her naivite in many subjects, among them sex and music. Messing with minds is far more interesting than toys, no? by Robb McKinney

Robb Messes With Sarah's Mind - Robb continues to mess with people's heads, this time going after Craig's girlfriend. by Robb McKinney

Robb's On The Pill - Robb started on Zyban to quit smoking. He's trying to get others to do the same. Truth in advertising, folks. by Robb McKinney

Robb Quits - The story of how a young man comes to his senses and gets the fuck out. by Robb McKinney

Rules For Dating A Member of The Nuthouse - You wanna go out with one of us. Well, you're positively insane. But, if that doesn't deter you, read on. I did this on AOL IM with Craig's girlfriend. by Nick Spacek and Sarah Toole

Rules For Dating FOR Guys in the Nuthouse -  This is sort of Robb's answer to Sarah’s list of “Rules For Dating A Member of the Nuthouse.”  This brief list of rules is for those of us here in the Nuthouse that wish to date, are currently dating, or will ever date a member of the opposite sex. by Robb McKinney

Running Amock At Applebee's - Well, yeah this title could represent any one of dozens of evenings, but this was the best title I could come up with. It's a tale of lusting after women and playing with their minds. And what else could be more fun? by Nick Spacek

Sean's Letter to the WWE - He wants a more exciting graduation. by Sean Brimer

Sean Writes A Letter - Sean wrote Paul a REAL letter. To capture the feel of the whole thing, I scanned it in, rather than type it up. That, and I was lazy. Funny stuff from the land of sheep-lovers. by Sean Brimer

Transvestite Fest 2000 - A (slightly altered) version of what happened to Rob one evening at Perkins, here in Lawrence. All of it's true but the beating and killing. by Robb McKinney