Past News

This ain't all of the old news. I've actually been running this page since early December of 1997.
But I decided to start this, should anyone ever check this page out.


    ***12 October***
    I (Nick, webmaster) got married a month ago. Pictures of the reception and honeymoon (not those sorts of pictures, you sick fucks) are here. My mp3 blog gets updated regularly. Read it. Tell your friends. Paul's working on getting some stuff typed up for the site, or so I've been told. There are a few people I keep harassing about doing art for "Choose Your Own Nuthouse", and if they get off their lazy asses, it might get made into a book. I'm not holding my breath.
    In other news, Robb sent me some new stuff. "
101 More Reasons Robb Might Have Fallen off the Face of the Planet" is in the Lists section.
    ***5 June***
    Hey, it only took a year and two weeks. So, now, after you have long since lost interest and given up hope of ever reading it (and we have, too... many MANY times over), you can read the magnum opus of the Nuthouse...


    Submissions of art are highly encouraged. Make some pretty pictures to look at when you're reading this thing.
    ***30 May***
    CHOOSE YOUR OWN NUTHOUSE IS COMPLETE! All segments are in to Craig, and it will be coded and posted next Sunday. Yippie kay yay, motherfuckers! New pictures in the photography section from this weekend's Kruizin' the Heartland car show.

    ***15 May***
    I'm still here, folks. Been working on getting the mp3 blog up and running. You can check it out down at the bottom of the page. There is also a selection of pretty much every show I've ever shot pictures of. Well, to be more accurate, all the pictures I could find and that were worth putting up.
    Also, I stole a piece by my co-worker, Rob, and you can now read "Adventures In Breadmaking" in "Stories With An Actual Plot." Enjoy the new stuff, and keep checking out the blog. Until Paul gets comfortable with his new laptop, content's still going to be slow in coming.

    ***11 January***
    "A Christmas Story For the Boy Who has Everything!" is up in Misc. Weird Shit. It's the book that Sean, Craig, and I made for Paul's Christmas present. It's pretty damn amusing, but does feature adult content, so please, no children under the age of five.
    I also fixed some pictures that were missing from the Old Logos page of the Art section. You can now peruse old, crappy logos at your leisure. A new logo should be on its way later this week, assuming I can find something that will work for "The Passion of the Pooh."

    ***9 January***
    So, there's been all sorts of new stuff going on here at the site, but I haven't thought to post anything about it. The rundown is as follows: new host (GoDaddy), new computer, and finally... to tide you over until the last 10-15 sections of "Choose Your Own Nuthouse" are done, there are new Quoties and a new entry in "The Outsider's Guide to the Nuthouse." Sean, Craig, and I made a book for Paul's Christmas present, and as soon as I can get Paul to bring it here to Lawrence, I'll get it coded up and put online. Thank you for you patience.


    ***26 July***
    "It Vs. Willy" is in the "Stories With An Actual Plot" section. Work continues on "Choose Your Own Nuthouse."
    ***6 April***
    Being as how I have nothing new to add to the site besides Tanya's story "Area Kid tries Too Hard" in the Newswire, I compiled all the cd reviews I've written since 1998 in a new section. Oddly enough, it's called CD Reviews. Go figure. Blame Sean and Paul for the delay in actually seeing "Choose Your Own Nuthouse." Craig and I are just waiting on them at this point.
    ***10 March***
    Tanya Woolery is the newest addition to our happy little family here at the Nuthouse. Granted, I've been dating her for a year and a half now, but she had to actually have something other than a Quotie. Having written two poems, she now qualifies for addition to the "Who Is, This Is?" page down below. You can find her poems "I Do Not Wish For Fish" and "Why Daddy Left Us" in the Poetry section.
    ***1 March***
    New Quoties... some of which are almost a year old. I found them laying in the bottom of a box while cleaning the apartment on Sunday. Good stuff, too. Craig and I finished the "101 Reasons Why We Think Robb Has Fallen Off the Face of the Planet" list last night at the Java Break. It's in the Lists section.
    Work continues on the "Choose Your Own Nuthouse." This, as you may or may not know, is our version of a Choose Your Own Adventure books that we all loved so much in grade school. It's the ultimate in collaborative story writing, and Craig deserves fellatio kudos for taking it upon himself to organize the whole damn thing. Look for it sometime around the beginning or middle of next month, depending on how fast we can get it knocked out.

    ***16 February***
    Messed with EVERYTHING. New page logos, moved a bunch of stories around, added some new Quoties, and added a new section- the Newswire, where you can find fake news stories, including a new one from Paul, entitled "NASA To Form Alliance With Mad Scientists." I also reformatted a bunch of stuff, making it to where everything on the site is now more or less displaying the same. "Visions"(in the Stories With An Actual Plot area) is now MUCH easier to read, after about two hours of work. I figured that if I was going to stay home sick from my place of employment, I needed to do something productive. Happy President's Day.
    ***6 February***
    Fixed the coding on the "Maddie's Dream" story, so the images actually load now. All the things in the Essays section have also been reformatted for easier viewing.
    ***4 February***
    Ok, let's see... what's my excuse for not updating this time? Um... actually, it's a pretty good one. I started this new job back in November, answering phones for the government, and then started working for this amazing website called BadAssMoFo in their music section. So, my time's been pretty tied up. Add in the fact that Paul got an X-Box, and getting content together is pretty fucking hard to do.
    However, we gots stuff for ya now. Paul has two new stories in Misc. Weird Shit ("the Syrup Incident" and "Studies Show Ethnicity...") and one new one in Stories With An Actual Plot ("Motivation"). Craig's niece Maddie also has a piece in Misc. Weird Shit called "Maddie's Dream" that's fully illustrated.
    Links and the "Who Is, This Is?" page have been fully updated to reflect changes in staffing and what sites I feel are worth your while. I also edited my bio and the site history in light of the fact that neither had been touched in two years. And if that wasn't enough, you can actually go through the Misc. Weird Shit and Stories With An Actual Plot sections and read all the stories. I spent four hours reformatting every story in there to make them less headache-inducing.


    ***7 September***
    So, yes. An update.  It's only been, what,. six months since the last one? Fuck you, we have jobs. Craig and Sean are now living here in Lawrence, so there may or may not be more stuff from all of us, and I imagine Paul will be writing more, since he is so terribly, terribly alone.  The "101 Indications That You May Be A Member of the Nuthouse" is at the top of the Lists page, and "Red Bull Gives You Wings" is in Misc. Weird Shit.
    If I feel horribly irresponsible and needy, I may have a good digital camera. But that requires a Best Buy card, and I really don't need to add that to the repayment of my student loans. Or do I?

   ***23 June***
    Craig, Paul, and Sean went to the Save the Buzz rally this morning. More info to come about what happened when they e-mail it to me. I shall also be posting a story sometime around the 4th about my upcoming trip to Vegas.
    ***17 March***
    HOLY SHIT!!! I'm not dead. See? I'm typing this right now. Anyhow... what happened was this- the website hasn't been updated in well over five months because A) I work at a bakery and it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas; B) My hard drive crashed and I had to completely refromat one drive, buy a new one, and reinstall Windows; and C) I am a lazy bastard who'd rather go out drinking. But anyhow, we now have an update.
    There are many Quoties in Non-Fiction. There's a new piece in the Essays section by Craig, "It's A Conspiracy!", and "The Tragic Tale of Bill," the Nuthouse's collaborative story is in Misc. Weird Shit. It's not much, but it's something, y'know? And you can always go make fun of Craig on the message board. Hell, if all that bores you, there's still some new links.


   ***8 October***
    New Quoties. Art added to "Watching Me" and "I Will Write the Best Damn Story About A Duck..." Thank you, Katja. The story continues on the message board. Robb has his his autobiography updated, as is the employment info on the "Who Is?" page. There's also "Ode to the Winged Buffalo" in poetry, as well as art for Paul's Haiku.

    ***24 September***
     The Quoties are updated. Check the message board to collaborate on the story.
Art has been scanned... it'll be up by the weekend... and I figure out how to get it coded up.
    ***29 July***
    So, new stuff. A goodly amount, even. Sean has two things: "Secret Government Testing" in Misc. Weird Shit, which is about psychic horses; and "The Bell Tolls... For Me?" in Essays, which is about what most essasys are about- work. A collaborative story, "The Adventures of Herb and Wally" by Craig and Paul is up in Misc. Weird Shit, as well. That's a lot, I think.
    Katja promised a fat amount of art when she gets back from Germany. Let's hope so, yesno?
    ***26 July***
    Yay! We have a message board now. Let the chaos ensue. More postings to come soon. There are stories to go up, but I'm just lazy. So suck on that. Craig says, "Hi."
    ***8 July***
    Two new pieces. In Misc. Weird Shit, there's "Watching Me", by your one and only webmaster. It's about the squirrels behind Great Harvest, where I work. Sean has a letter to the WWE in Non-Fiction. If there's any sort of response from World Wrestling Entertainment, I'll be sure and add it, as well. I've also updated the old logos page in the Art section. More Quoties, even. And I managed to get this done before a month had passed between updates. Yay me.

   ***9 June***
    Quoties. Shitloads thereof. My keyboard is dying, and people are all very busy, so updates will slow down, as per usual during the summer. The Nuthouse be takin' a break, yo. I have also, as of this writing, gone nearly two days and 14 hours without a smoke. I hate every minute of it.
    Sean also has an autobio. With a picture. It's even a Mad Lib.
    ***9 May***
    New logo. Picture by Courtney, motto by redsk8r. And, thanks to Craig driving down last night, he, Paul, and I have written a Nuthouse theme song. Click the logo to read it. On another note- the new version of Netscape Composer bites. Hard. I know... "learn HTML, you lazy little so-and-so."
    ***5 May***
    I'm a lazy bastard. But there's new stuff, finally. In the Poetry section: "Business Days" by Robb, and "Why People Die" by me. New Quoties, and an update to the Nuthouse Guide are in Non-Fiction. I know... I actually wrote something- surprise, surprise.
    ***28 February***
    So... it's been nearly two months. Sue me. I work 40 hours a week. I party a LOT on the weekends. God forbid I don't wanna sit in front of the computer for 5 hours and do this when I could be out drinking at the Replay . Lots of new stuff, though.
    The write-up for Dave Thomas' candlelight vigil, "Honk For Dave" is in Non-Fiction, and there's roughly a billion new things from Robb everywhere. I started work on this update like, 2 weeks ago, so I can't remember what all's new. Just trust me that there's plenty, and you will be entertained. New Quoties, of course. Links updated, new pic for Craig on his autobio page, some alterations to my autobio...
    Eh, just look around. You'll be entertained.
    ***9 January***
    All sorts of shit went on yesterday... we got some MP3s in the works of an obnoxious series of answering machine messages. We held a candlelight vigil here in Lawrence for Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's, who died yesterday. Pictures and a write-up will be on the site as soon as the pix are developed. We made Channel 6 News, and I have a copy of it on video. Should I ever have the time to hook up with Robb, we'll get it digitized and up for your viewing pleasure. Always knew we'd have multimedia...
    Robb sent me a bunch of revised stuff. So that's all fixed. There is also a new story, "Vicarious" in the Misc. Weird Shit section, and a new poem about Gumby's from him. Quite a few new Quoties, as well as the Art section having all the old logos now (most of 'em). Plus an update to the Outsider's Guide, and, and, and... there are a bunch of new Games, too.
    That's big enough of an update, I think. I also added some stuff to the Who Is? section, and that is now where the bios are linked from.
    ***8 January***
    Click here to view Paul's soul. Craig is the legal owner, but you're more than welcome to defile it by printing it out and doing obscene things to your own personal copy. Craig is also willing to lease it out for the right price. Contact him with bids here .
    ***6 January***
    Massive new Quoties. New additions to the Outsider's Guide to the Nuthouse. A Brief History of the Nuthouse added into Non-Fiction. New poem- "He Came For Me On Christmas" by Robb. Oh, yeah... and I did a *little* tweaking of color and art on all the pages... oh, who am I fucking kidding? It's a massive reworking, and I also found something cool for the background on the main page, so I changed that, too.


    ***30 November***
    New Quoties. New story in Stories by Paul called "Solstice." All for now. More additions to the Outsider's Guide to the Nuthouse, as well. Robb has a new picture for his autobio page. Oh, yeah- new logo, too.
    ***17 November***
    Small update. But cool enough for you. I know you all have been desiring new Quoties. So we got's 'em. As well as a new thing by Robb in the Misc. Weird Shit section- "Greetings From Truthville." It's evil. We'll just leave it at that. Also, the "Outsider's Guide to The Nuthouse" has begun. Check it out in Non-Fiction. Also updated bits and pieces of the "Who Is, This Is?" section.
    ***1 November***
    Well, shit... it's been, what, well over 3 months since I've done anything with this site? Well, guess what? Your prayers have been answered. We have a new section, first of all. The Weird Shit section has been divided up, and now all the actual short stories are in their own section: Stories With An Actual Plot. I'm just gonna list the sections and what's new in them... then you go read all the new stuff.
    Non-Fiction- "Robb Quits"
    Stories With An Actual Plot- "Irrefutable Evidence," "Mr. Tuck," & "Drugs Are Bad"
    Poetry- "Cigarettes Are Better" & "Knocked Her Up, Knocked Her Down"
    Dick and Jane- "...Have A Relationship Conference" & "...Celebrate Paul's Birthday"
    Lists- "101 Ways To Tell You're A College..." & "Sex and Football"
    Look for a new section in the Non-Fiction section soon, an ongoing dictionary and guide to inside jokes. It's in my truck right now, or it'd be in this update. Enjoy.
   ***23 July***
    A new group of fun things to do at a funeral to make it a bit more lighthearted entitled "Funeral Arrangements" is in the Misc. Weird Shit section. I've also changed my photo on my staff page, if you're so inclined to check that out. Just click my name below.
    ***16 July***
    Two new lists- 101 Things to Never, Ever Say to Your Girlfriend and 10 reasons why Sean's girlfriend Courtney can never get married. Also, a new section has been opened- Parodies. All the song parodies, Dr. Seuss, and Dick and Jane stuff in there now. Makes for easier navigation. I've also done some cleanup on the site- typos and colors and whatnot. Hope you all are enjoying the new server.
    ***13 July***
    New server! No pop-ups! Updates to follow later today!
    ***24 May***
    Some new things- Kittens Don't Bounce, by me, in the Misc. Weird Shit section, and Craig and I's parody of "My Favorite Things" in the Poetry section. Nothing huge, but it's something. Enjoy. A new Link, as well.
    ***4 May***
    A submission Robb sent last night is up in the Misc. Weird Shit section. It's a Winnie the Pooh parody entitled "Robby-The-Pooh." It's very, very wrong. Those of you who know us in the NutHouse will most likely find it funnier than the rest. Everyone else will still get a chuckle, though.
    ***3 May***
    No updates for a month, I know. However, I've remedied that by adding a bunch of cool new stuff for your reading pleasure. Robb has written a list of 10 things to say to your child to make your wife leave you, which is on the Lists page. He also has a synopsis of new flicks from FCP and an Easter story on the Misc. Weird Shit page. Paul has a poem about math magik, as well as Seuss thing about drugs he did with me on the Poetry page, and two new Essays, one about taking your guns to school, and the other about whether or not gun ownership is deviant. All in all, some really fun stuff. Kick back and enjoy. Oh, yeah- and some new Links, as well.
    ***30 March***
    New Quoties, two new lists- Why Women Fail and 101 Reasons Why It's Not Cheating, and a new Stuben the Duck story in the Misc. Weird Shit section. Also fixed Robb's bio. Also, some really cool and nifty Absolut vodka parodies I made in the Art section, which I also went through and fixed up to make all the pages look nice and pretty. Much easier on the eyes now. Also in the Art section are some addiction starter kits. You'll get it when you see them. Tim should be happy to see those, since we came up with the idea well over a year and a half ago. Um... goddamn, I've been alternating lazy and productive lately... work's been kickin' my ass, but I get some damn good ideas while I'm there. When I get some free time (yeah, right), there will be more stuff. Now, time for bed before Katja shows up and wakes me.
   ***19 January***
    Well, whaddaya know? I got massively motivated (read: bored) and so, now, there is a GIANT bunch of pictures from shows I've been to up on the art page. In the next coupla days, there'll be some Tanka Ray/Podstar/ Touchdowns shots from their show last month. Sean wrote a letter to Paul, which is hilarious and in the Non-Fiction section. Also, a couple new Quoties from the last-minute party at my apartment last weekend. This update would have been up WAY sooner, but Crosswinds' upload servers have been down while they upgraded the past week. On the bright side, that's why there's so much new stuff. I am also now a student at KCKCC (taking a couple of online programming classes, so the page may actually improve as I work on it for class).
    ***4 January***
    First update of the new millenium. Nothing special. Just a few pictures in the Non-Fiction section of some stuff Craig and I have done over the years. I need to scan some more pix in, since I got my new scanner for X-Mas (thanks, Mom and Dad). And, if I get REALLY motivated/bored, I'm gonna make a whole couple of new pages in the art section of concert shots I've done over the years. Should be fun, if I can ever get it done. Also added the story of ou r trip to see Weird Al back in September. It's a trip, really...

    ***6 December***

    A few little tidbits- the Art section is up in a very basic form. New Quoties (some really good ones this go-around, too). I've been rather busy with school and work and whatnot, as has everyone else, so there's not a lot of new stuff. There are also a few drinking games thrown up in the Games section. Also, as you can see, there is a Links page once again. These links are actually pertinant to the site's content, so dig 'em, kiddies. If anyone has anything they think should go up here, by all means, send it. I need CONTENT!!!
    ***25 September***
    New stuff by Robb- The Gods of College Life, in Lists, and Robb's Big Adventue, in Non-Fiction. Craig also has a story about a recent day at work in the Non-Fiction section, entitled Craig's Day At Work. There is a new version of the Dirty Bad Wrong Gettin' To Know You in the Games section, and I finally wrote something- Heaven Takes A Holiday in Weird Shit. There is also a review and tale of Friday's trip to the Weird Al concert. Enjoy! The art section will be online as soon as I get it all uploaded (give me a few days to get all the pix scanned, and taken to the KU labs to get uploaded).
    ***18 August***
    Big fat update with new stories, a new logo, spelling checks and everything. There is also now a page (located below) where you can find out about everyone who is ensconced in our little group known as the Nuthouse. Expect more updates now that I'm back in Lawrence, online on my own machine, and comfortably moved into my new apartment. I plan on dividing the website back to the way it used to be, with each author getting their own section, with their own individual sections of Literature. It'll take a couple of weeks, but expect it by mid-September.
   ***28 April***
    Look- it's an update. It's small, but it's something. A new story by Paul- "A Free Man"- and Robb messes with Craig's girlfriend Sarah. In the Weird Shit and Non-Fiction sections, respectively. This site's gonna get a little clean-up this weekend, as I try and divide stuff up into easier to read sections.
    Oh, yeah, and if you want to know why I've been neglecting this site, go to the site for my radio show . It's why I've been neglecting this....
    ***15 March***
    All right, all right... it's been a while, but here's a damn update for you. Paul sent some stuff in, so thus, you get an update. Let's see... what's new, what's new? Two new bits of Non-Fiction from Rob on transvestism at Perkins and quitting smoking. Four song parodies, also by Rob, in Poetry. Paul has given us all a very depressing and twisted story called "Examination" and a letter about heading to Oklahoma after killing his mom, both in Weird Shit. He also gave us a list about Banned Berenstein Bears books, and Rob gave us one about why smoking is better than sex (don't ask me why he thinks that). <whew> That be it. There will be Quoties when more get collected and typed up. So, do enjoy. There is also a thing it the works- let's just say all-girl band... songs and art and everything by the Nuthouse. Keep watching...
   ***3 February***
    Robb sent me a buncha stuff: a rap in the Poetry section, some new Ramblings in the Essays, Dick and Jane via NWA... I think I oughtn't to have let him borrow that hip-hop CD... and Quoties. Oh, yes- and the closing credits to Beverly Hill-Jesus. Read and be amused...
   ***25 January***
    Small update... Robb's got a new autobio. I'll update mine one of these days. There is also a new list of ways women are better than men, thanks to Robb and Tony (his roomie). My girlfriend Katja got a Quotie, and Robb has a poem about Lucky Strike cigarettes. Enjoy.
   ***15 January***
    I must be mad- two updates in row? Well, there's just a short list of rules for dating members of the Nuthouse and some pictures from our New Year's celebration at my house in the Non-Fiction section. Also, Craig and Robb have pictures with their autobios.
    ***14 January***
    HOLY SHIT, IT'S AN UPDATE!!! I bet you all thought I was forgetting that I had a website, huh? Nope. I just had a computer in the shop, and finals before that. So, now that I am back at school, with a machine that is running wonderfully, we have a big freakin' update for you all. Craig and Paul have new autobiographies- click on their names below. There is a new piece by Paul in the Weird Shit section, all about a New Year's party gone wrong, Robb has a List about smokers, there are three new pieces in the poetry section, and new Quoties and a story by Paul in Non-Fiction. Look for more updates of this sort if the productivity level keeps up. Enjoy.


    ***11 November***
    The server for Crosswinds has been down, so I couldn't upload. That has now been fixed, as well as some other links, show dates, and some new quoties. Lotsa fixes... and took down the whole exes thingy, due to some complaints that I wouldn't reveal who it was (didn't know, but, hey... I'm sick of listening to the bitching).
   ***28 October***
    Well, holy moly- two updates this close together. I got this really funny thing that I decided to put up because I feel that was warranted since I have had such girlfriend problems in the past. prob'y not that funny to anyone who hasn't had a screwed-up relationship (or three), but I liked it. Do read "An Ode to Ex-Girlfriends" in the Weird Shit section.
   ***26 October***
    LOOK!!! I updated! Holy crap! Yes, new Quoties, new List by Paul, new Show Dates, and a new thing in the Non-Fiction sections... I am amazed... it's small, but it's something. Lord knows I say that a lot. Anyhow, enjoy...
   ***13 September***
    Well, the show dates have been updated, and the show reviews for the past month and a half are on their way. It's been damn busy lately, what with the radio program and covering Spirit Fest for Synapsis, I haven't had a lot of free time for this site. Oh, yes- and classes. Duh. But, yes, enjoy the new shows that are coming up. I promise to have the show reviews up by Friday. Swear. I'm also working on a page for my show on KJHK, Plow the Fields. It'll be up this weekend, too. Swear.
    Oh, yes- I also fixed ALL of the links. All the files are here now. Fine? Good. S'alright? S'alright.
    ***19 August***
    Even though today was the first day off classes, I still managed to get in an update. There are new Quoties, and lots of stuff by all sorts of people. I did a piece on teenage female lingo, in the Essays section. Seth Church, Caleb's brother, contributes a piece on the Blair Witch Project, also in Essays. A few new lists by misc. people, of the stuff we wrote on Rob's packing boxes. Gina DiSalvo contributes a list of coupons, and Rob has a Yahoo! Pager conversation and song about Jesus.
    ***14 August***
    Yes, the site has finally been updated. Sorry it was so long- busy summer, what with work and no easy way to get the site uploaded. Hopefully, the massive site redesign was well worth the wait. There is tons of stuff in all the sections, and there's a brand new color scheme and logo headers for all the pages. Also, reviews from all the shows I hit this summer, and show dates for stuff coming up.
    New sections that have been added- there is now a Non-Fiction part of Literature, where you can read about the true-life exploits of the denizens of the Nuthouse. Rather than try and review all my CDs, as I had done before, the reviews are all local ska and punk. So, the music section is slowly gaining shape.
    So, look for all the new stuff in the sections- new Quoties (which are now in Non-Fiction), new stories, new lists, and Paul has typed up his original magnum opus, Tumah. Read it- you'll laugh and laugh and laugh. Enjoy...
    ***8 May***
    Yet more Quoties... Caleb's been giving me shit left and right. Good boy. Also, finally new show dates and reviews of the Slackers, Dropkick Murphys, and the Toasters (didn't even promise you that one). I have no idea how frequently I'll be updating the site, come this summer. I am now the punk reviewer for the HomeGrown Buzz network... lord, I'm getting busy. This summer will be spent primarilly trying to get shit done for them and Synapsis, so this site will most likely going on hiatus... I'll keep you all posted.
    In other news, O'Phil have just update their web site . It has a new look and you can now get both their albums in MP3 format. Check it out. That's it... check you all later. Also, it has been confirmed- the Warped Tour will not be coming to Lawrence this summer, due to a large amount of rap acts on the bill.
    ***27 April***
    Hey, more Quoties from Caleb, and a new piece (kind of an add-on) about moshing. It's in the Essays section. Look for reviews of the Slackers and Dropkick Murphys shows by Friday night/Saturday morning. New shows, too. In other news, I've got a ton of shit put up at Synapsis . Matt's added a lot of stuff over there, so you can read two news articles (non-humorous- really!) in the Activism section there.
    ***15 April***
    Yay- Caleb sent me some new Quoties, so those are up, as are lots of new show dates and a review of the Mustard Plug show last month. Enjoy.
    ***9 April***
    Well, gee. Just thought I'd let y'all know I'm still alive. There will be some stuff as soon as I get some free time. And submissions. And some shows reviewed. It'll be a while.
    ***19 March***
    Some shows have been added, with some new site designs. Nothin' big yet- but, I will start a music news page. Local and general ska and punk stuff that's up and coming. Look for it after break. See y'all in a week.
    ***12 March***
    Two great pieces of news, as shown by the logos above. Streetpunk '99 info is available on the shows page and it's gonna be a big one. And as far as KJHK- we've upgraded. At 2:30pm yesterday afternoon, KJHK 90.7FM began broadcasting at 2900 watts. There was a hella party at the station last night. You can now hear me in KC and Topeka. I will be doing a freeform show on the 20th from noon-2pm, and the 26th from 4-8am. After that, I'll be on the air every Saturday from 2-4pm. I have also added backgrounds to the poetry, weird shit, Dick and Jane, and games section. No longer are they boring. That's it. I go home to judge a forensics tournament now. Enjoy the additions.
    ***7 March***
    Warped Tour news. Whoo-hoo!!! It's on the show dates page. Also, a very interesting message that was left me by Rob and Paul on AOL Instant Messenger the other night while I was at work is in the Misc. Weird Shit Section.
    ***4 March***
     A few new fun things. Paul and I now both have pictures on our autiobio pages. There are a few new show dates, and the CD reviews are now gone. Plus, I added a new band to the (oddly enough) band links page- Brothers From Different Mothers, out of Topeka. That's about it. Oh, yes- fixed the Where To See Shows page to reflect some changes.
    ***24 February***
    Like the new logo? It's Craig's girlfriend Sarah on the left, and our friend Meridith on the right. It's pretty cool, huh? There are two new show reviews- Against All Authority and the Blue Meanies. The Blue Meanies has a cool story along with it, too. The stories below will be added to Synapsis later this week. Watch out for a big update over there from Matt.
    ***14 February***
    Hey there... Greetings. Nothing new, really, just some bad-ass show dates for you all to check out. Other than that, nothing else. The CD reviews will be taken off in a week or so, since i just don't have time for the trouble they are. The following items will also be taken offline, as they are being transferred to Synapsis: Visions, Your Door Is Ajar, The Art of the Mosh, Let It Snow, On The Road Again... Killing People, The Muffin Man Cometh, and Uncle Earl. Enjoy them here until then.
    ***4 February***
    Oops. Forgot to upload the Weird Shit page, so y'all couldn't access some of Rob's writing. Sorry. Anyhow, that's fixed. And there's some really great shows coming to town, so check that stuff out. CD reviews are UP! Happy day. Lots of work. But they're up, and completely done through 'D.'
    ***31 January***
    New show dates (for real this time), plus a new story by Paul. No CD reviews. They're gonna be a long time comin'... because I just added 14 new things by Rob. He has added new lists, new Ramblings, new Weird Shit, and his autobiography (click his name below). It's because of that that the CD reviews didn't get typed. Blame his lame ass.
    ***24 January***
    Added some new show dates and an analysis of Paul's haiku (Poetry section), as well as some new quoties. I'll have the CD reviews up by the end of the week. I think I have everything through 'D' done now, as well as some of the newer CDs I've bought. There will be a list when I put them up. They'll be put online as I type them up and have a chance to upload them. There's some good stuff.
    ***22 January***
    I have returned. There are many new things here at the site. Moral Values are now in the Games section, with a new game created by Craig and I. Look for more stuff of that sort in the furture. New stuff by me, by Caleb Church, by Paul, and scads of quoties from the break. There should be more regular updates now that I'm back at school. They may be smaller, as I am now the Literary Editor for Synapsis. There'll be more music stuff over there, and less of it here. This will be much more literature oriented. But, it will be no less enjoyable. I got a scanner, too. So look to see what all of here look like. There is also a strong possibility that the really good stuff from here will go to Synapsis. It just remains to be seen.


   ***16 December***
    Yes, it's been a while. Sorry- I have finals and a job that take up time, too, y'know. Anyhow, I've added shows through the new year and beyond. I will be working on CD reviews all through break. When I return to school on the 12th/13th of January is when the page will next be updated. I will be working during break, else I'd do updates as often as possible. just think of it as something to look forward to.If you're really jonesing for something, head on over to Synapsis , where you can check out reviews of both the new Ruskbank and Ray-Guns CDs, and soon the review of the farewell show of the Norman 360 (may they rest in piece), all by me.
    ***1 December***
    New shows, new quoties, and Paul's autobiography (click on his name to read it). Also, I'd like to send a thanks to the guys in the Ray-Guns, Ruskabank, and O'Phil for all the nice comments they've sent my way, as well as the links they've set up. Same goes for Jason at Synapsis. A big "word up" to all of you. Oh, and the MU330 show on Friday is cancelled.
    ***23 November***
    Added new quoties, new haiku by Paul, and a new list of some things not to do by Rob. Yes indeedy, there's humor finally coming after a drought. BTW, next month is the one year anniversary of this site. Anybody who wants to send in anything, I'll put them up here for all to see.
    ***20 November***
    Added two new weird things- UFOs, by Rob, and Bread Is On the Rise, by Craig. New humor- yeah, it's been a while. new show dates- a few.
   ***15 November***
    Added the C section (heh heh) of the CD reviews. Also added some more quoties and a review of the new Bouncing Souls CD to section B, and a few to the R section. Also added the review of the O'Phil birthday show Friday night. The Ray-Guns' CD is out. Read a review of it in the R section. Sorry that this update took so long. The server for Crosswinds was down almost all week.
    ***8 November***
    Added a review of the Supertones show last night (killer, BTW). And I got my first e-mail about the page from someone who isn't a friend of mine- and she's in a foreign country, too. Thanks to Minoti Baro, of Angola. Yes, it only took a year. Now, I'll only have to wait another year. Oh, and I'm going to Rob Zombie Tuesday, so look for a review of that. And, in closing- if you want to get to this page easier, I'm now using a web-forwarding service, so you can get here via
     ***7 November***
    Well, shit. Sorry it's been so long. But there's some cool stuff added. No new CD reviews, I've been WAY too busy; but there is a review of the Catch 22 show I saw Thursday night (read the review for a really cool story). Also added a list of links to the best ska and punk labels out there. Check 'em out, and buy lotsa their stuff.
    ***30 October***
    Well, this is the last update 'til Monday. My brother's coming up this weekend, it's Halloween, I just got paid... there will be liquor imbibed. Umm. saw the Toasters last night. Review of that, and the 'B' section of the CD reviews is in. Now it's just C-Z.
    ***27 October***
    Added some CD reviews. They'll be a long time comin' to get them all, but they'll be slowly added every time I update. Just keep checking. Tha's all. A review of the Ruskabank show last night is in the reviews section, as well.
     ***21 October***
    Just got back from taking two horrid tests. I fixed a few links, and hopefully that should clear up any problems. Also, I have started on CD reviews. They should be up and running sometime Saturday evening, so I can upload the review of the Ruskabank show here at Hash that's going on Friday night. Come one, come all! I'll be there. Just look for the guy in the Pinky and the Brain ball cap. Expect reviews of the new MM Bosstones and RBF CDs, with a few others thrown in. I hope to eventually get all 150+ albums I own reviewed. It's a big task, but I'm up to it.Oh, yeah- the Weather Is a Cruel Mistress essay got published in the UDK yesterday.
   ***19 October***
    Added some new show dates and a review of the CPD show last night. Nothing else.
    ***17 October***
    Completely reorganized the page. Put all the the pages into directories. Took me awhile. The pages now have all the same look to them, so everything is now rather uniform. Removed the Albedrio page, since the band isn't around anymore. It took a lot of work, but it looks really good now.
    ***10 October***
    Added my new 101 list, ways to tell you need to move outta yo' parent's basement. I also added a review of the Wailing Souls show Wednesday, and some new show dates (Less Than Jake, baby). I love the station I work for. I get to go to Cherry Poppin' Daddies and the Toasters for free. That is so cool.
   ***7 October***
    New quoties. I just finished my first 101 list, so that'll be typed and up soon, as well as the Let's Go Bowling show I'm going to tonight.Paul should be sending me some quoties, too. However, with the last wait, I'm not holding my breath.
   ***4 October***
    Two new things. An essay about the weather, and a poem about getting naked. Enjoy. New shows, too.
   ***1 October***
    Review of the Unity Fest last night at the Bottleneck. No new stuff, but I should have some things I've written typed up and posted tomorrow. I'm not promising anything, 'cause my girlfriend's gonna be here at KU for a senior day, so I'm gonna try and see her. But I'll try.
    ***26 September***
    Added a review of the Amazing Crowns at Hi-Jinx. Nothing new, aside from the fact that I'm sick, which wouldn't be that bad if it weren't for the fact that my dorm lost air-conditioning a week ago and it's hotter than hell in my room. Ick.
    ***21 September***
    Well, it's been a bit- but there's new stuff up, so you can't bitch. A new 101 list, an essay on road rage, and a sick little story about gravity, all by Paul. Rob gave me a disk, but it had a fucking virus on it, so I couldn't get any of the stuff, so all he got put up was a little rambling on virginity. A show review of the MU330 concert last night is up, as well. Oh, yeah- Ruskabank should have a CD out sometime this fall. Cool, huh?
    ***12 September***
    New show dates, a few new quoties, and a review of the amazing H2O show last night. Gotta do my homework. I've been busy, there should be more stuff soon. I hope.
    ***2 September***
    New show dates and reviews of the Skavoovie and AFI shows I've attended recently. Other than that, nada. I'm very busy with school. A new essay by me is also up. It's about strappy tank tops. If you think the topic is stupid, check it out for the background picture of Claire Danes.
    ***27 August***
    Lots and lots of shows. Please do check them out. I go back home this weekend, and I should return with scads of new funny stuff from Rob and Paul.
    ***24 August***
    New shows. Now added- local ska bands link page. Soon to come- record reviews, as soon as I get a scanner. The Links page is now gone. The links are elsewhere on the page, anyhow.
    ***22 August***
    Well, nothing really new. I made the show reviews page to where each show has its own little page. Nifty, eh? Loads much faster now. Fixed some broken links. Biographies of Rob, Paul, and Craig coming soon. Also added new show dates and a review of the Skatalites show last night. And one final thingy- I am now a DJ at KJHK 90.7 here at the University of Kansas.Yeah, it's 3-6am Wednesday mornings, but it's a RADIO SHOW!!! Yay me.
    ***15 August***
    There is a whole new layout for the page. Check it out. Everything is sorted by category and stuff. expect more regular updates now that I am back at KU (with an Ethernet line, no less). No new material yet. Paul and Rob should be mailing me some soon. They will be up as soon as they arrive. New show dates, though. There will be no review of Warped, but I made a new logo, though. The picture is courtesy of my girlfriend, the lovely Sarah Woods (love ya, darling).
    ***15 July***
    A quick note- all of this stuff marked 26 June was actually uploaded today. I have been damn busy and haven't been able to do any Internet work other than checking my mail. Everything is now current. The calendar and the show reviews are as up-to-date as I can make them- there is a review of the Pre-Warped Party and new show dates. Enjoy
    ***26 June***
    Exactly two weeks and two days. Jeez, I take my time, don't I? Okay, well... lotsa new stuff. I have some more Ramblings, Top Tens, Quoties, and a few new stories, all from Rob, and a new piece by Craig. Tonight I begin watching Paul's house, as he and his family go on vacation to Colorado for a week. Tonight I saw the Gadjits at the City Market. Great show. A review has been added, along with the Counterfeits show a few weeks ago.
    ***10 June***
    I've started work on my new story. It's about a man who shouts at dogs. It's a bit odd, but should be good. I'm gonna go see the Counterfeits (my friend Dave's band) tomorrow night. My tickets for Warped came Monday, so I'm definitely going now. That's be a loooong review. Updated the Albedrio section and show dates. And on one last note, get the new Unwritten Law CD. It's brilliant.
   ***2 June***
    New quoties, revised the show dates. that's about it. I'm really busy with work and all, but I have a piece by my friend Craig, as soon as I get the disk back from Rob. Then I soon start work on a new story. It looks good from the planning stages (i.e., lots of thinking at work).
    ***20 May***
    Added where to see shows in Lawrence. Would've done other places, but this way I could go more in-depth, and I've also never seen shows outside Lawrence (well, a few). Also added my story, Men in Drab Clothing. It's a comedy. Read it. The new additions are in Shows and My Stuff, respectively.
    ***19 May***
    My, has it been a bit. Well, new show dates (WARPED TOUR!!!), but no new writings. However, I have added the review for the Sunflower Battle of the Bands (the Sugadaddies won) and updated the Quoties (lots of new ones). Thursday I begin my employment with Reynolds Metals as summer maintenance help. It's $13 an hour, and I couldn't turn that down. That's it for a while. And on one last sad note, please take a moment of silence for the Chairman of the Board. Frank Sinatra has passed on. It took me soooooo long to get this updated due to upload problems with Crosswinds. It has been fixed, expect semi-regular updates from now on.
   ***7 May***
    More show dates and some new quoties. I have finished with my papers for all my classes (all early, too!). I have completed my first final, and tomorrow is my last one. Tonight I go see the Sunflower Battle of the Bands. A review will be added tomorrow from Lansing, as I will depart KU, to return home for the summer. I will attempt to update as often as I can throughout the summer TTFN.
    ***5 May***
    It's been a while, but I've been busy writing papers and getting packed away. The show dates page has been updated, as well as a little news in the Albedrio section. Other than that, there ain't much to report. Soon, I hope to have some new writings added. But I ain't makin' any promises.
    ***24 April***
    It took me two trips to the computer center to get it done, but all of the Albedrio pix are now online. Happy day. The quality isn't as good as the others, but it ain't too shabby. I go to the KC ComiCon tomorrow, so I am happy. Updates (if any) will come Monday- hopefully. I have three papers due in a week. And one last note- last night I went and saw my friend Dave's band rehearse for their show tonight here at Hash. They're pretty good. Catch them if you can.
    Also added all the bands for the Warped Tour.
    ***22/23 April***
    It's both dates 'cause I started typing this right after the Urge show, and now I typing this after midnite, so it's Thursday. A review of the Urge show, as well as a shitload of show dates (some good punk shows comin' to town....).
    ***21 April***
    The fuckin' Big Bad Voodoo Daddy show sold out. Cherry Poppin' Daddies was a rumour. So I am going to no shows. Although I may go see the U.S. Bombs tomorrow, and the Urge Thursday. regardless, I will go see the Urge this week and review the show. Quoties from this weekend have been added. They're funny- and pointless. And I scanned an assload of photos for Albedrio. Check 'em out. On an entirely unrelated note- I got a new wallet. It has a chain. Ooh. Aah.
    ***19 April***
    Added a new piece by Hagedorn- that boy is prolific. Show dates updated- Cherry Poppin' Daddies at the B'Neck on the 21st- them or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy? I'll have to see... who's my daddy!
    ***17 April***
    Son of a bitch! That Bubble Boys show was 21 and over (it was only $2, too). But I did go see the 80's Tribute at the Bottleneck, and a review of that is in the Reviews section. Hey, and Fishbone is coming to town May 8. Show dates updated, with that and a few other things.
    ***16 April***
    A few new Misc. Quotes and another holiday is reinterpreted by Scott Hagedorn.Both in the Misc. Shtuff section. Tomorrow I'll add a review of the Bubble Boys show tonight.
    ***14 April***
    Quick update- two holiday pieces from some folks I e-mail with. They're in the Misc. section, and are funny as hell. Enjoy. Link for the ASFL is on the links page now, too.
    ***13 April***
    Everything has been updated- some new stuff from Rob, some new quoties, show dates (nothing by me- I'm writing a history paper). Enjoy alla the new stuff. It's pretty damn funny. The Moral Values Test has been updated for the first time in many weeks (actually, ever).
    ***12 April***
    Review of the Siren Six! show last night (actually, the Animal Chin show, but I didn't stay for Animal Chin... read the review fo' mo' details). Also, I got a bunch of stuff from Rob this weekend that I must type up, so look for that stuff in the next few updates. It's a new wacky Student Congress bill, along with some more Moral Values questions (I wrote some, too). I'll be busy.
    ***10 April***
    Well, I didn't win anything at the Open Mic night last night. However, I did offend quite a few people, so all went well. Also, I am now the webmaster for a KU organization- The American Student Freedom League. It's for free speech, which this site really relies on- if you haven't read anything on this site yet, give it a perusal and you'll know what I mean. As soon as Jake lets me know it's up, I'll link to it, 'kay?