So, yeah... it's not Literature. Fuck it, a picture's worth a thousand words, and I don't want the main page any more cluttered than it already is. Anyhow, this is a sampling of the photos, drawings, paintings, and etc. from the people here at the Nuthouse.

CD Reviews
This is a compilation of every cd review Nick has written since the fall of 1998. A complete restrospective of reviews written for the Zone, Synapsis, Dandercroft, and BadAssMoFo. Basically, Nick does this shit best, and he wanted more stuff of his on the site.

All of the contributer's thoughts on various topics, from suicide to moshing to snow days at school. Not necessarily deep, just personal views.

The Moral Values Test and other such diversions.

Basically- just funny lists. There's not a whole lot of elaboration I can do here.

Miscellaneous Weird Shit
Everything that could not be categorized. It's all really weird, with some hallucinations thrown in for good measure.

The Newswire
Fake news stories. I'd say we're ripping off the Onion, but we've been doing it since before there even was an Onion. I suppose this means that we were ahead of the curve at one point.

True stories of of the four yahoos whose writings make up the bulk of what you read here. Trust us, this shit's too weird to make up. The infamous Quoties are also to be encountered within.

Variations on various styles and particular works.

Humor in poetic form. Even some haiku.

Stories With An Actual Plot
The short stories that actually go somewhere, rather than inane babbling.