Abridged Scripts For Movies
    No time to see a movie? Think it'll suck anyway? Go here and laugh for free.
Ain't It Cool News
    Everything you want to know about movies before they come out- or even start filming.
    I love this site. Go there every day and your life will be much improved. Or at the least, you'll laugh. Nick kinda/sorta runs their music section.
Comedy Central
    Home of South Park, Chappelle's Show, Reno 911!, and shitloads of Saturday Night Live re-runs.
Diesel Sweeties
    The best comic ever about robots and love.
Dr. Demento

    He inspired Weird Al, he played music that inspired us- he is a god.
    You think we're bad? He's even more offensive. Funny as shit, though.
    The city Craig, Sean, and Nick call home. Arts and entertainment.

    Just keep clicking the reload link and you'll sit and read for hours.
The Onion
    America's Finest News Source.

    Paul and Nick's favorite online comic. Like Calvin and Hobbes on crack, minus Hobbes.
    No relation whatsoever to Sean Brimer, this site is hilarious. Check out the mockery of the Superfriends.
Synapsis Digital Magazine
    Local arts and entertainment for Lawrence, Topeka, Manhatten, and KC. Nick, Robb and Craig all submit reviews for CDs and DVDs. (the site is still up, but no longer updated)
"Weird Al" Yankovic
    Oh, come on- who do you think started inspiring us when we were, like, five?
    I'm a big fan of Matt's work over here. Some really funny shit on damn near every pop culture sybject available. Especially '80s toys and random bad movie esoterica.
The Zone
    More local music stuff. Nick works for them, as well.