See Dick.
Dick is the 2000 Democratic candidate.
Go Dick!
See Jane.
Jane is a loud-mouthed feminist who had Daddy buy her way
into politics.
Go Harvard Law School!
See Dick rally the Democrats.
Rally, Dick!
See Jane rally the other loud-mouthed feminists.
Rally, Jane!
See Dick see Jane at a charitable luncheon.
See Dick become revolted at the sight of another
loud-mouthed feminist.
Steady, Dick, steady.
See Dick's legal advisor recommend aloud-mouthed feminist as
a running mate.
Advise, snake, advise!
See Dick ask Jane to be his running mate so he will have a
token chick to win over the feminist voters.
See Jane accept, seeing an opportunity to alter the status
quo and create a more politically correct country.
Sway, Dick!  Alter, Jane!
See Dick run for the presidency.
Run, Dick, run!
See the voters flock to the popularity of a liberal
president and L.M.F. vice-president.
Conform, voters, conform!
See Dick & Jane crush their Nazi-Republican opponents in a
landslide election.
Crush, Dick! Crush, Jane!
See the slimy Republicans crawl back to their seats in
Crawl, Republicans, crawl!
See Spot.
Spot is Dick's dog.
Spot runs across the White House lawn.
Run, Spot, run!  Run run run!
Dick is careful to pick up Spot under the tummy and not by
the ears.
Dick does not want to pull a Richard Nixon.
Be humane, Dick!
See Dick and Jane run the country.
Run, Dick!  Run, Jane!  Run run run!
See welfare reforms, employment going up, and minorities
getting jobs intended for better qualified white males aged
eighteen to thirty-five to fill quotas set by affirmative
Integrate, America, integrate!
What's that?
Watch out, Dick!  Watch out, Jane!
See Dick's past come sneaking into the public's eye.
See Jane's manipulative campaign contribution deals caught
on tape.
Dig, media, dig!
See loud-mouthed feminists accuse Dick of sexual harassment.
Accuse, loud-mouthed feminists, accuse!
See Dick turn to his feminist partner for help.
See other loud-mouthed feminists accuse Jane of sexual
Accuse, feminists, accuse!
See Dick's ex-opponent making a fortune doing commercials
and cameo appearances.
Sell out, opponent, sell out!
See Dick take on a negative net worth.
See proof of illegal campaign contributions.
See the nation take on a negative net worth.
See Dick and Jane's past trampling of the Constitution.
Trample, Dick!  Trample, Jane!
See the press drag our leaders' names through the mud.
Drag, press!  Drag!
Can Congress impeach for the sex charges?
See it try.
Can Congress impeach for the funds raising?
Damn straight!
Impeach, Congress, impeach!
Turn tail and run, Dick!  Turn tail and run, Jane!
See Dick pull a Richard Nixon after all and resign.
See Jane resign.
See Jane become a tight-lipid house wife.
Cook, Jane!  Clean, Jane!
See Dick try to get a job.
Too bad!
Dick is a white male.
See Dick cleaning windshields on a street corner.