Dick and Jane and NWA

See Dirty Ol’ Dick
See His ho’ Jane
See them hit the Ganja and go insane
See Dirty Ol’ Dick
Play his trick
Hump Dick, tap that shit
Fuck that bitch, fuck
See Jane doin’ lines
Smokin’ all tha time
See Jane’s legs apart
Stupid ho’
See Dick in his Benz
Chillin’ with friends
See tha police come around
See tha Glock
Here tha cock
See tha fray
Feel tha spray
See Dirty Ol’ Dick, nigga
See dat ho’ Jane, nigga
See Dick pump his twelve gauge
Drop a round in a nigga who’s underage
Can’t buy smokes
But carries a gun
Look, see!
See him shoot a nigga jus’ becuz
Shoot, nigga!
Shoot, nigga!
Shoot, nigga!
See tha shell reload in tha chamber
See a nigga’s ass in danga
See Dick hidin’ at his sista’s crib
Smokin’ dope like his bitch ho’ Jane did
See Dirty Dick hidin’ from his sins
Waitin for a dirty nigga to kick his door in
See tha drive by
See tha bullets fly
See Dirty Dick’s empty gun
Please, someone call 911!
See Dick lyin’ in a blood pool.
See tha three holes in his head
See Dick cold and dead.

…seven Mary three…respond, seven Mary three, respond…
…seven Mary three…see the code 187…
…see the code 187…over…