Dick and Jane Go to Littleton
See Dick.
Dick is a Star Trek nerd.
Dick likes to play Magic:The Gathering and RPGs online.
Dick is unpopular.
See Jane.
Jane is Dick's girlfriend.
Jane is a goth.
See, see how skinney and pale Jane is.
Look! Jane likes to wear too much makeup and creepy black dresses.
Jane is unpopular.
See the bully.
Look, see! The bully is being mean to Jane.
Look at Dick come to her defense.
See Dick get punched in the nose.
Bleed, Dick, bleed.
See the bully laugh at Dick.
Laugh, bully, laugh.
Look, see all the other popular people laugh at Dick and Jane.
Laugh, popular people, laugh.
Laugh, laugh, laugh.
Let's all laugh.
But Dick is not laughing.
Look, see, Jane is not laughing either.
See Dick and Jane go away together.
Laugh, laugh.
See Dick and Jane go home and write threatening stories about a guy named Rob who hurts people.
See, see the stories.
See the evidence.
Look, see how Rob gets even.
See, see Dick and Jane decide to get even.
See the pipes.
See the guns.
See the glints.
Glint, eyes, glint.
Look, see the trenchcoats.
Dick and Jane like trenchcoats!
Can you say "trenchcoats?"
Let's all wear trenchcoats!
Trenchcoats are long.
Trenchcoats can hide things.
Do you like to hide things?
See Dick hide pipe bombs and guns in his trenchcoat.
See Jane hide pipe bombs and guns in her trenchcoat.
Look, see! The bus is coming for Dick and Jane.
A bus full of bullies.
Have you ever ridden on a bus?
You can meet lots of neat people on a bus.
People who wear trenchcoats ride busses.
People who wear trenchcoats have guns and pipe bombs.
See Dick and Jane get off the bus.
See the bullies in school laugh at Dick and Jane's trenchcoats.
See! See! Dick is taking out a pipebomb.
Look, see! Jane is taking out a shotgun.
See the bullies stop laughing.
See the bullies scream.
Scream, bullies, scream.
See the bullies run.
Run, bullies, run.
Let's all run!
Run run run!
See Dick chuck a bomb under a car.
Bye bye, car.
See Jane empty two barrels of buckshot into a cheerleader's head.
Bye bye, cheerleader.
Look, see the carnage!
Kill, Dick!
Shoot, Jane!
See all the bullies pay!
Look, see all the bullies pray.
See God not answer them.
Even God hates bullies.
Look, see the SWAT Team.
Look! They are too late.
Dick and Jane have joined the list of martyrs.
Can you say "martyr?"
Martyr is a silly word.
See all the news coverage.
See other unpopular kids decide to solve their problems.
Look at all the press.
Now everyone knows Dick and Jane.
See them get more press than the popular people.
See the shocked nation.
Look! See! The world is still full of bullies.
Laugh bullies, laugh.
Let's all laugh!
Laugh, laugh, laugh.
See Dick and Jane and their followers.
They laugh last.