Basically, if you want a well-written bit of high scool fantasy  violence, look somewhere else.  This is high school violence in the  form of a Dick and Jane story.  So, if you want an insane piece of  high school violence, this is for you.  This is indeed based on a true  story (although some names have been changed to protect the
innocent - and guilty).
     Yes, this is the tragic story of the unrequited love of my first  three years (okay, so I was high for two of them).  A fine young,  traitorous, black-hearted bitch (screw her right to privacy - her  name was Sarah), toyed with my emotions and heart like so many  tinker-toys.
     In case you can't figure it out, she's Jane.


See Dick.
See Jane.
Dick is a high school senior.
Jane is a high school senior.
See Dick despise his fellow classmates.
Despise, Dick, despise!
See Jane hang out with the "in" crowd.
Stay cool, Jane, stay cool.
See Dick despise the in crowd.
See Dick shunned by the in crowd.
Shun, in crowd, shun!
See Dick see Jane.
See Dick turn in to a blubbering idiot as love rips a hole
through the fabric of his being.
See Dick become emphatuated with Jane.
Obsess, Dick, obsess!
See Jane not know Dick is alive.
Ignore, Jane, ignore!
See Dick send Jane an anonymous love letter.
See the conspiracy grow.
Grow conspiracy, grow!
See, see!
The in crowd is asking Dick about the letter.
Pry, in crowd, pry!
See Dick lie through his teeth.
Feign ignorance, Dick, feign ignorance!
See Dick's friend tell Jane the truth.
Snitch friend, squeal!
See everyone find out what happened.
Grow grapevine, grow!
Come, see!
Dick gets the courage to talk to Jane.
See Jane acknowledge Dick's existence.
See Dick bare his soul.
Bare, Dick, bare!
See Jane destroy Dick as a human being in one fell swoop by
saying "Yes" and at the last minute saying "No."
Crush, Jane, destroy!
See Dick recover from the emotional hell.
Heal soul, heal!
See Dick's friend Tony.
See Tony whisper evil things in Dick's ear.
Convince, Tony, convince!
See Tony tell Dick that all of his problems stem from Jane.
Lie, Tony, lie!
See Tony tell Dick that obviously Jane is a treacherous, lying,
deceitful traitorous snake woman.
Deceive, Tony, deceive!
See Dick become convinced.
See Dick wonder what he did wrong to change such a wonderful
girl into a treacherous, lying, deceitful, traitorous snake
Ponder, Dick, ponder.
See Dick become even more obsessed than before.
Obsess, Dick, obsess!
Look! Look!  See Dick cover up his true feelings from his
Hide Dick!  Lie!
See Dick's friends.
They are not fooled.
See Dick's friends shake their heads.
Pity, friends, pity.
See Dick finally get over Jane once and for all.
Recover, Dick, recover!
See Dick develop normal, healthy crushes on other girls.
Look, see!  Dick has become a flirt!
Flirt Dick, flirt!
See Dick accepted into the in crowd.
See Dick still hate the in crowd.
See Dick keep his friends close to him, and his enemies even
Embrace to your bosom, Dick, embrace to your bosom!
See Dick get even more spiteful towards the in crowd.
See Dick begin to plot the demise of the in crowd.
Plot, Dick, plot!
See Jane start dating another boy.
See Dirk.
Dirk is the other boy.
Date, Jane!
Date, Dirk!
See the rednecks.
See the homies.
See the Lionettes.
See the freshmen.
See the white trash.
See all the insignificant scum of Lansing High School.
See these people.
See Dick hate them.
See Dick plot their demise as well.
See Dick allowing his pent up rage towards Jane and Dirk to
control his life.
See Dick plot to take over the high school.
See Dick pick twenty friends to spare.
See Dick pick twenty enemies to be the first to die.
See Dick's "A" and "B" lists.
See Jane's name on the top of "A".
See Dirk's on the top of "B".
Look look!  See Dave.
Look, see!  See Jason.
See, see!  See Aaron.
See, look, see Paul.
See Dick's Officers of Death.
See Dick talk about taking over the school.
See everyone think he is joking.
See Dick's Portfolio of Destruction.
Look!  See!  Dick has blueprints of the school.
Look!  Look!  Dick has been stockpiling automatic weapons and
plastic explosives.
See Dick writhe in the skepticism of his classmates.
See Dick pick a date.
Plot, Dick, plot!
See the Judgment Day come.
Take over, Dick, take over!
Dave, Jason, Paul, Aaron, see see!
See the Officers of Death move the scum into the commons.
Look, see!  They have had machine guns and shotguns hidden
in their lockers the whole time.
See the carnage begin.
See the placid scum move into the commons and assume the
hostage position.
On your knees, scum, on your knees!
See a freshman make a break for it.
See him gunned down by five different officers.
Die, freshman, die!
See his bullet riddled body ooze to the floor and lie in a
pool of blood.
See the freshman's girlfriend.
See her go ballistic.
Flip, girlfriend, flip!
See Dick see the girlfriend's cross country shirt.
See Dick give her a running head start.
Run, target, run!
See her knees get shot out.
See her bleak future confined to a wheelchair.
Wheel, cripple, wheel!
See the bloody warnings.
Take heed, students, take heed!
See three Officers set up watch stations on the roof.
Look, see!  See their M-60's and sniper rifles.
See them roll tarps over the breezeways.
See the Officers of Death put on their Kevlar body armor and
clean their weapons.
Prepare and arm, terrorists, prepare and arm!
See Dick set up a command post in the library.
Command and conquer, Dick, control!
See the officers set explosive traps at every feasible entry
Booby trap, Officers of Death, booby trap!
See Dick order the people from his Lists to be brought to him.
Order Dick, order!
See the people from the "A" List called.
Call, officers, call!
See Jane.
See Krysta.
See John.
See Elexis.
See Tiff.
See all those who will be spared.
See the people from the "B" List called.
Call, officers, call!
See Dirk.
See Case.
See L.D.
See Stroup.
See Cruce.
See those who shall be the first to die.
See the A List moved into the library and made comfortable.
See the B List mowed down by Uzis.
See Dick pump about three extra clips into the already
tattered remains of Dirk's bloody corpse.
Liquefy, Dirk, liquefy!
Part III
See Dick call the police.
See the police and the FBI surround the Lansing High School.
See Dick call the media.
See the media get in the way of the police.
See Dick issue his demands.
See the authorities shocked at the idea of paying $112
million for the release of the hostages.
Oh, look!  The soldiers from the fort are not allowed to
take action.
See their own children at gunpoint.
See 300 pizzas delivered to feed the hostages.
See the bugs planted in the pizza boxes.
See an Officer find them.
See Melanie bite the dust.
See the police writhe and seethe in their own uselessness.
Oh, see!  Delta Force has arrived!
See the special agents slink through the parking lot.
Look!  See!  See the soldiers get ripped to shreds by under-
car claymores.
Whoops, Delta Force, whoops!
Part IV
See Officer Spot.
Officer Spot is in command of the Leavenworth SWAT.
Officer Spot Wants to move in.
Plan, Officer Spot, plan!
See the building being too secure for penetration.
Fume, Officer Spot, fume!
Look!  See him send in a hostage negotiator.
Look!  See!  See the negotiator's head get split open by a
rooftop sniper.
See another hostage get shot.
See Spot's phone ring.
Answer, Spot, answer!
See him get pissed when Dick's mocking laugh comes echoing
over the line.
See him listen to Dick's warning.
Four more hours, Spot, four more hours.
See the brief cases full of money.
See a courier deliver them to the front of the school.
See!  See!  See two hostages bring them inside.
See Officer Spot wait.
Look!  See the phone in his hand again.
See him agree to bring in two Hummvees for Dick's getaway.
Smile and nod, Officer Spot, smile and nod.
See Officer Spot plan ways to booby trap the Hummers.
Plot, Officer Spot, plot!
Part V
See Dick.
See Jane.
See Dick sit across from and stare at Jane.
See Jane stare back through the mist of tears she has been
crying for her lost Dirk.
See the puddle that was Dirk all over the floor.
See the Officers of Death bring in the money.
See it brought over to Dick.
See the terrorists reveling in their new found wealth.
Revel, terrorists, revel!
See Jane blink back her tears and look at the money.
See Jane get greedy.
Cross over to the Dark Side, Jane, crossover to the Dark Side!
See Jane walk over to Dick.
See her embrace and passionately kiss him.
See a new partnership form.
Form, new partnership, form!
See the Hummvees arrive.
See the terrorists turn up their noses at them.
Reject the bait, Dick, reject!
See the Huey gunships on the horizon.
See Dick, Jane, and the officers move to the roof under cover
of hostages.
See the choppers arrive.
Yahoo, cavalry, yahoo!
See the terrorists board the choppers.
See the police's inability to move.
Look! See!  They realize that they can do nothing.
See the choppers head for Fiji.
Fiji will not extradite.
Remain neutral, Fiji, remain neutral!
See the new beach side residences of Dick and Jane and the
Officers of Death.
See the Officers live happily ever after.
See Dick live happily ever after.
See Jane live happily ever after.
See Dick and Jane live very happily ever after (Wink-wink,
nudge nudge).
See Officer Spot chastised.
See him fired.
See Spot end it all in the resounding report of his service
See the gray matter spray on the walls.
See Dick and Jane live more happily ever after than Mexican
Catholic rabbits in heat.
See, Dick?  See crime pay.
Part VI
See the author.
See him hunched over his keyboard in the dark room with
black candles burning in the background.
See the other people come up to the author.
See them ask if the story is autobiographical.
See him smile maniacally.
Smile maniacally, author, smile maniacally!
See the author chortle with glee.
Laugh at the world, author, laugh at the world!