Dick and Jane
Experiment With Drugs

See Dick.
See Jane.
Dick and Jane are curious young teens.
See a large amount of recreational pharmaceuticals.
See Dick and Jane exchange a knowing glance
See Dick spark up a bowl.
Puff, Dick, inhale!
See Jane drop a hit of acid.
Trip, Jane, trip!
See Dick get all lazy and want to take a nap.
Sleep, Dick, pass out!
See Jane begin to trip rather heavily.
Tweak, Jane, freak out!
See Jane see the spiders and the colours we don't see.
Hallucinate, Jane, hallucinate!
See Jane begin to panic.
See Dick sleep peacefully and unaware.
Dream, Dick, slumber!
See Jane freak out heavily.
Panic, Jill, panic!
See Jane see a large purple giraffe named Murray.
See Murray converse with Jane.
Talk, Murray, speak!
See Jane believe in her hallucinations.
See Murray tell Jane that he's hungry.
See Jane look for food.
See no food.
Wait, here's some!
See Jane see a large meatloaf.
See that this is merely yet another hallucination and
that once again we are looking at Dick.
Uh oh.
See Jane pick up a butcher knife.
See the light reflect off the knife.
Glint, knife, shine!
See Jane ask Murray if he likes white or dark meat.
See Murray quiver and drool in anticpation of a fine feast.
Salivate, Murray, shimmy!
See Jane begin to cut into the still-sleeping form of Dick.
Carve, Jane, slice!
See Dick awaken and shriek in terror and excrutiating pain.
Holler, Dick, scream!
See the light fade from Dick's eyes as the blood flows from
his body and his existence ends.
Die, Dick, cease to exist!
See Jane and Murray feast on meatloaf.
Or so Jane thinks.
See Jane fall asleep after a satisfying meal.
Sleep, Jane, sleep!
See Jane awaken the following morning.
See Dick's horribly mutilated corpse.
See a realization of what she has done dawn in the still
drug-addled mind of Jane.
Hear the screams of Jane's anguish at what she has done to the carpet.
See the huge pool of blood that will never come out.
Poor Jane.
Even poorer Dick.
Poor, poor, Dick.
Poor, dead, Dick.
See Jane attempt to carve up the body and dispose of it in the back yard.
See Spot.
See Spot dig up Dick and place Dick (well, most of Dick)
on the neighbor's porch.
See the neighbors call the police.
Dial, neighbors, call!
See the police.
See the police arrest Jane for murder and posession of numerous illegal
See Jane go to jail.
Arrest, police, incarcerate!
Poor Jane.
See Jane hang herself in her jail cell rather than suffer the consequences of
what she has done.
Suffocate, Jane, smother!
Good-bye Jane.