Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 55

        Oh dear lord…how stupid are you?!?!  Dive in?!?! Umm…hello? Do you not remember the “…lake, normally full of laughing, splashing, happy people during the day is this night full of screaming, thrashing, skin-melting-off-of-their-bodies-in-blinding-agony people?” And you want to join them!?!?
        Well, fine.  Sicko.
        You run up to the lake, take off your shoes and socks, take everything out of your pockets, strip off your shirt and dive into the boiling blood.
        Immediately you are racked with pai…actually, it feels kinda good.
        All of your previously suppressed sadism blossoms inside you and you begin a physical transformation.  Your skin turns red.  Wings sprout from your back, horns from your forehead.  With a single thought, a pitchfork appears in your hand.  Apparently, you are a demon yourself, who knew?
        You fly up out of the lake and look down upon it.  You see your friends being tortured in the boiling lake.  Yeah, they are suffering quite badly, but you know what?  They could be suffering more.  You fly down and begin to poke your friends in the head with your pitchfork.
        You are giggling to yourself as you poke your friends when suddenly a shining arrow tears through your wings.  Another goes through the wrist that is hold your pitchfork.  You plummet into the boiling lake.
        Turns out that one of your friends was actually a demon hunter the same way you were a demon.  The lake unleashed his demon hunting abilities (one of which seem to be the ability to conjure up holy arrows) the same way it unlocked your demon abilities.
        As you surface in the lake one final arrow pierces your skull, killing you instantly.  Sucks to be you!