Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 38


You decide to continue with your life’s work of being a little wussy bitch, I mean its got you this far, who cares for the fact that you have no testicles and the fact that your not really living life, but god damn it! No one will ever beat you at computer games!

The skull-head man starts to inspect the bushed after smelling the large amount of urine that escaped your body as he moved a step closer, and it is indeed an undead mad man.

His head is getting closer, the stench of rotting flesh filling your noise, you decide that it is no longer safe sitting here.


Do you :

Attack the man, regaining your lost manhood… HA! – 81

Run for the car and drive away from the bad scary man…boohoo – 82

Quietly sneak away out the back and disappear into the dark – 83