Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 36


            The creepy voices you could take.  Your car running out of gas forcing you to walk to Lake Doomhole, no problem.  Skeletons in suits driving hearses…ok, you’re pretty sure it just doesn’t get any weirder than that, so running away seems like a really good idea.

            Not surprisingly, you are wrong on both accounts.  It does get weirder and running away was a bad idea.

            You run through the woods until you come to an opening.  In the middle of the opening is a huge pit of a depth you can’t determine.  Screams of agony are coming out of the pit as if people…no, souls, are being put through insufferable misery.  You mentally decide to call it The Pit of Lots of Suck-Ass Pain.

            Around The Pit of Lots of Suck-Ass Pain you can make out through fog…your car? Your car seems to be driving around the pit chasing something you can’t see.  As your car drives by your position you look to see who is driving.  You catch a glimpse of the driver and you realize it’s…you.

            Well, it just got weirder.  It seems that you stumbled onto a different part of the story where previous choices would have taken had you made them. You really shouldn’t be here now.

            You watch yourself driving around The Pit of Lots of Suck-Ass pain wishing you had made whatever choices where necessary to get to that point.  For some reason, though, whenever your life comes to a decision point, it feels like someone else is making the choice…weird.

            You step out of the woods into the clearing because you want to talk to yourself.  However, the other you, who is very drunk, confuses you for whatever it was the other you was chasing.  Other You aims your car toward you and hits the gas.


            Congratulations, you’ve just become the first person to run over yourself! You be dead!

            I’d suggest going back, but that’s just me.