Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 30


            “He’s one of yours, right?” You say to the radio when you get back into the driver’s seat.


            “Harlan.  He seems to be the type of guy that hangs in the same circles as creepy disembodied voices who talk to you through the radio while you are on a trip to Beautiful Lake Doomhole™ for a weekend of relaxing and irresponsibly naked behavior with beautiful naked coeds.” You stop to take a breath because that was a long sentence.

            “Harlan….Harlan…that name actually does ring a bell….Harlan…OH! Harl! Yeah! Is he coming?”


            “You don’t like Harl?” asks the radio. 

            “He’s a little weird.”

            “You’re the one talking to the radio.”


            “Harl is a great guy!  Ever asked him to do The Trick?”

            The voice says The Trick in such a way that you could actually hear the capitalization. 


            “Tell you what, Chief, I’ll leave you alone and let you get to the party weekend under one condition:  When you see Harl, tell him to come talk to your radio, Grrrnaorth would like to catch up on old times with him.”


            “You can call me Grrr, for short.  Oh! And ask him to show you The Trick!” With that, the voice stops talking and leaves you alone.

            You continue your drive to Beautiful Lake Doomhole™ because, really, you can’t think of anything else to do at this point.  You arrive without incident and meet your friends in the cabins.  Somehow, Harlan has beat you there.

            Do You:

            Go up to Harlan and tell him about Grrr – 66

            Ask Harlan to show you The Trick – 67

            Decide to have a drink, or 15, first to calm your nerves – 68