Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 29


            My, aren’t we the violent type…let me guess, you tortured small animals when you were little, too, right?

Anyway, you yank the wheel to the right and point the car towards the jumping fog-obscured creatures.  Just as your car approaches a group of them, the entire group vanishes.  You see another group on the other side of the Pit, so you head towards them.

Once again, right before you run over them, they all vanish. You look back over to the other side of the Pit…yup, you guessed it, they are all over on the other side.

This cycle continues for a good three hours because you are just that persistent. And drunk.  One fuels the other, I’ll let you decide which goes where.  At one point you see one creature who has apparently been left behind.  You giggle to yourself and aim your car for this straggler.

Success!  You’ve managed to run over one!  In a less inebriated state you would noticed that particular creature looked very similar to you, but that’s a story for another section.

Finally your car runs out of gas and dies. You slump forward and put your head on the steering wheel deciding it might be fun to pass out for a while.  Before you can completely loose consciousness the car starts rocking.

Your head snaps up and you notice that the creatures, though still indistinct, have gathered around your car, lifted it up, and are carrying it towards the Pit of Insufferable Misery.

<>            Do You: 

Stay in your car while it gets tossed into the Pit - 63

Jump out of the car and continue your quest to kill the Creatures - 64

Jump out of the car and run back towards the highway - 65