Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 27

               You sit in your car.
               The little creatures surround your car and begin chanting. Over and over again, you hear their oddly high-pitched voices chanting "nee chakka pee say." You
are unsure as to what that means, but being as how there is an eerie green glow emanating from the Pit of Insufferable Misery, it can't possibly be good.
               The chanting increases in volume until you are certain that your eardrums are going to explode. Prior to blood spewing from your ears, the chanting abruptly
stops. The glow has reached a state of near-daylight. And something seems to be crawling out of the Pit of Insufferable Misery.
               The thing that is crawling out of the Pit of Insufferable Misery is big. Really REALLY big. And it has fangs. And claws. And a tail tipped with spikes. And it
appears to be a boy.
               The boy-thing creature with fangs and claws stands over your car. It lifts up the car. You cower in the driver's seat and attempt to hide underneath the
dashboard. You begin praying. However, your prayers are suddenly cut short as the big creature opens your car like a tin of sardines.
               As the creature begins to take your skin off like you're a peel 'n' eat shrimp, your screams wrack the night. Your blood turns the creature's fingers bright red.
But only temporarily...