Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 22


            If you didn’t pick him up the first time, there ain’t no way you’re going to pick him up the second time.  You figure that if you drive past him this time, he’ll probably just show up again in front of you somehow.  Might as well end this vicious circle now, hmm?

            You hit the gas pedal and continue down the road.  At the last possible second you yank the steering wheel to the right and hit the scary hitchhiker. 

            His body catapults over your car.

            Well, that was simple enough.

            You drive on, completely putting the thought of the needless murder you just committed out of your mind. 

            You see flashing red lights in the road up ahead and you realize that they are car hazard lights.  As you get closer, you see four young, beautiful women standing in the road trying to wave you down.

        Do You:

        Stop and help them out, hoping that they will be very grateful – 48

        Keep driving, not trusting any hitchhikers at this point – 49

        What the hell, run them over, too – 50