Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 19


As you stow his pack in the trunk and start to close the lid you notice that he has taken the large hunting knife out of the pack before handing it to you.    

            On second thought…

            You open the trunk lid and pull out the shot gun and aim it at the man. 

            “New rule for the road, Mr. Ed.  Let me have ‘Louis.’  And not point first,” you say to the man.

            Grumbling, he hands you ‘Louis’, handle first, and you toss it into the trunk with his pack.

            “Alrighty then! You ready to go?” you ask.

            He sullenly nods his head and you both get into your car and continue your way up to Lake Doomhole. 

            You attempt to start a couple different conversations with the man, but nothing works.  He just looks at you with tear filled eyes and quietly whines about his beloved ‘Louis.’  Geez, take a man’s favorite killing instrument and he turns into a small child…what is this world coming to?

            You finally reach Lake Doomhole and find your friends around a large bonfire.  You get out, grab the case of beer out of the back seat, and walk over to your friends. Right as you get to the bonfire, Dave, your best friend in the world, runs up to you with his girlfriend just a few steps behind him.  You wave at Dave and throw a secret wink to his woman.

            “Thank god you showed up!” yells Dave. 

            “What’s up?”

            “Dude, apparently the park rangers found three campers with their heads cut off just a few miles away from here.  All the chicks are totally freaked out, man, which does have its advantages, let me tell you…hey, who’s that?”

            You turn around and see your hitchhiker just at the edge of the light, ‘Louis’ gleaming evilly in the firelight.  Immediately he bolts into the darkness.

            “That,” you say, “is a problem.”

            Do You:

            Run back to your car to get your shotgun – 42

            Pull everyone into the circle of light and wait until dawn – 43

            Grab Dave and chase after the man – 44