Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 15

               You scurry into the bushes by the side of the road like the little baby wuss bitch that you are. The bushes are thick and covered with huge, juicy berries. Your stomach begins to rumble as you realize the last thing you had to eat was a Twizzler for breakfast. YESTERDAY'S breakfast.
               The berries look ripe and inviting, almost begging you to take them in your mouth. They're so ripe, so luscious, so plump and firm, that the temptation to grab
them by the handful and take them, take them NOW is bordering on obsession. You pause and realize that you might want to move "getting some" to the top of your list
of things to accomplish this weekend.
               As you think your dirty, dirty thoughts about the berries, the headlights you had seen a quarter mile back pass you. The vehicle said headlights appear to be
attached to is a jet-black hearse. The driver appears to be a skeleton in a suit. Well, really, yes- it could be a normal man with a skull where your average head would be,
but you're not about to make him strip to confirm your suspicions.
              The skull-headed man (yes, you're aware of the redundancy of that statement) gets out of the car and begins to look around.<>

        Do you:
	Run away (again, you fucking baby)  36
	Tackle the skull-head and see what he's all about  37
	Sit and wait  38