Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 8

               Normally, you're all for picking up hitchhikers. But this only applies to hot, nubile, female hitchhikers with perky bosoms and taught behinds. Scraggly elderly
gentlemen are as far from what you pick as can possibly be imagined.
               You hop back in the car and haul ass down the road.
               You motor on, justifying your choice to yourself. Sure, you left him stranded in the middle of nowhere. Yes, you could have been a little nicer. Yes, yes- you
most likely left a defenseless old man to fend for himself against evil spirits. But that doesn't make you the bad guy.
               See, there he is right ahead of you. You can pick him up this time...hey, wait!
<>               "How the fuck...?" you mutter to yourself. How'd he get ahead of you so quickly?
	Do you:
	Give him a second chance  21
	Run him off the road  22 
	Drive right on by  23