Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 6


            Really?  Give him a lift?  Oooookkkkaaaaaayyyyy….

            “Sure, jump on in,” you say.  “Pay no mind to the creepy voices coming from the radio.”

            “Oh but I must pay attention to them, for they are my dark masters and I their humble servant!”


            The voices command their lowly servant to sacrifice you to them.  You really shouldn’t be surprised.

            The man reaches into his jacket, pulls out a long knife, and eyes you with a look that can only be described as bloodlust mixed with childish glee.  Normally this would fill the average driver with terror.  Normally one would try to defend oneself by slamming on the brakes, or swerving, or something.  Normally one wouldn’t pick up a random hitchhiker on the way to Beautiful Lake Doomhole™. Twit.

<>            The man stabs you, you die, blah blah blah.

            This is why the “Back” button was put on your browser.