Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 4


You scan the dial in hopes of the voice fading but it only gets louder. You continue scanning and more of the speech comes, though this time with music attached. You realize that Lake Doomhole is in the middle of no where and you are actually picking a country station. Well, at least you think it is country, country and rap are so similar now a days who can really tell. Both of them are all about drinking, bros before hoes, and laying down the law; it’s getting rather ridiculous.

“You think so, huh?” says a voice from the radio. You soil yourself.

“You are real?”

“You’re damn right I’m real!” the voice screams. “I’m here to warn you about your trip. One of your friends will betray you.”

“No they won’t. I have known them for years.”

“Look, who are you going to believe, me the all knowing disembodied voice, or your experiences?” it questions. “Well?!?”

You decide to turn the radio off instead of listening to this insipid line of questioning anymore.

<>            “You thought that was going to work didn’t you? Cute,” you soil your self again


Do you:

Continue to have this conversation with the aggravated voice – 12

Ask the voice to come back after you have change your clothes – 13

Thank the voice for its concern and continue on – 14