Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 3


As you sit by the road, listening to the radio, the chanting increases in volume, repeating your name more loudly as the minutes pass. Just as you're about to turn the radio off, due to being deafened and horribly creeped out, the chanting abruptly stops. Then, silence.

            As you are about to put the car back into gear and continue on your journey, the radio begins to speak to you:

            "We have such sights to show you... won't you come and see? Forget your friends at Lake Doomhole, and join us. Join us... JOIN US... JOIN US!!!!"

            The voices continue in this manner for a good while until you have the presence of mind to ask where exactly they want you to join them. There is a pause, and the voice tells you that the eldritch gods of doom and destruction and missing socks can be found in the Pit of Insufferable Misery, just down the road, off Interstate 35.

            This doesn't seem to be the safest of ideas, but no-one ever got anywhere by playing it safe. Plus, your friends are kinda/sorta dicks, and they probably forgot to bring the beer again.

Do you:

Continue on to Lake Doomhole 9

Change plans, and go to the Pit of Insufferable Misery 10

Turn around and go back home 11