Old Logos

The original logo for the Nuthouse. Ugly as sin, ain't it? I had no graphics programs at all when I started, save for a shareware copy of Paint Shop Pro. There were a few different logos after this, such as the "Happy Man" logo, designed after a doodle a girl I was dating at the time used to do. But I lost that, and since I don't happen to have many fond memories of her (aside from her having an amazing rack), we're not going to attempt to redo it.

Then was a picture of Sarah and Meredith flipping off the camera, which was the "Saucy chicks giving you the finger" logo, and in the process of restructuring, I somehow lost the scan of that, which really sucked, because it was the start of coming up with snappy catchphrases for the site. Happily, Sarah seemed to have a copy of it somewhere and was kind enough to e-mail it to me a while back... so there it is. Sexy, ain't it?

This logo was made from a photo I shot with my dad over Thanksgiving at my parent's house one year. Made my sister shriek like a banshee when she saw what we had done. The fact I used it as a logo really pissed her off. Not that I care, because everyone seems to find it really funny. I'm not sure if this was the picture I took, or the one my dad took. Still waiting for the American Girl doll people to file some sort of lawsuit.

This logo was made when I had just moved into my own apartment. It took quite a while to find a picture of Winny the Pooh that would work with a cross. I wanted to give Pooh a crown of thorns, but I couldn't get it to work. The nails turned out all right, though. Thanks to Andy Morton of Danger Bob fame for telling me about the idea. Once again, I'm wondering where the lawsuit is.

Really, Sean's a cuddly teddy bear. Yet, somehow, he scares the bejeezus out of all of us. We live in constant fear of getting on his "bad" side. I wonder why? Anyhow, Paul took this shot in Sean's backyard. I stole it off Paul's fridge. I also have yet to return the picture to Paul. It's was part of one of the many site revamps that the Nuthouse has been through, and kinda suited the rusted steel motif of the main page.
This logo was the masthead for damn near five years. It was taken the evening of the whole "Honk For Dave" extravaganza. The "Objectionable" quote at the bottom came from my friend at the time Jen, who simply stated that she'd like the website more if it weren't so objectionable. As soon as she said it, I told her that she'd just came up with the new catchphrase for the next logo. This is also the only logo to feature every member of the Nuthouse. Except Rob. Who always seems to disappear.